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Build Process

Before you begin


Before doing the fgqc portion of the build check for any update and apply them first! Otherwise the unit is still untested if the updates are applied as the last item done!

Power supply

To debug power issues, remove battery and run on AC power only. It may be a bad battery. Try using a known good battery. If the known good battery fails, consult with build instructor for further action that are required!


Before powering on the system, physically check the RAM is of the correct quantity. At this time write on the build sheet the quantity and type of RAM, also note the number of slots in the laptop. Do not check off the box until running FGQC.


  • Reset the BIOS to defaults, this gives a standard base to start from.
  • Set the boot order, Optical devices first, Hard Drive second. If there is no onboard optical drives, set USB first in case of USB optical drives.
  • Save BIOS configuration.
  • Check off the tested by builder box.


  • Mark the cpu type on the build sheet. Precision is important, there is a large difference between a Pentium 4 Mobile and a Pentium Mobile.


  • fgqc -> play video
 * if video doesn't play with error "Location not found" got to /usr/share/example-content/Ubuntu_Free_Culture_Showcase/SpiritOfUbuntu.ogv
  • fgqc -> play 3d

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

  • Mark the HD size, if you know the brand of HD also mark that down


  • foreach of cd and dvd insert a "FG Test Disk"
  • cd /media/cdrom0/verification\ data/
  • md5sum -c verify.md5
  • should get 9 OK's
  • To find disk capabilities: sudo lshw -class disk


  • Disconnect the LAN cable
  • Click on the network connect
  • Connect to "FG - Mezz"
  • Google something quickly, if you get a page, it works
  • make sure that the wi fi switch is turned on it;s usually found on the front or side of the body
  • installation of wi-fi card there are 2 wire connections marked main and aux. the white wire goes to the main and if there's a second (black)wire it usually go to the aux connection.


  • Plug in a network cable
  • Verify the network connection icon shows wired connection
  • Go to google and search for something, if it comes up you are good


  • Verify the audio plays when the computer first turns on.
  • Verify the audio plays when testing the video.
  • usually there's a small wheel located on the body somewhere to turn up or down the volume on the laptop


  • Take a usb mouse
  • Plug it into each usb port on the computer and make sure the cursor moves with the mouse.
  • Write a description of the location of the usb ports eg. '2 left 3 rear 1 right'

Final Details

  • Place a FG sticker on the lid of the computer, fill in the sys-id.
  • Remove any O/S stickers or Asset/Owner tags
  • Clean up any dirt or scum
  • Run the stress test from fgqc
  • Make sure any information about slots in the machine are filled in.