Introduction to Wikis

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Course Outline


  • What is a wiki?
  • Brief history of wikis (maybe omit)
  • Tour of some wiki sites
  • Wikimedia vs docuwiki vs moinmoin etc (maybe omit)

Getting Started

  • Creating a login
  • User Page
    • First edit
    • Sections, subsections
    • Bullets, Enumerations, indentations
      • How to combine
    • Links
    • Point to wikipedia/wikimedia article about editing


Following these tips helps prevent runaway messy wiki growth

  • Talk about the motivation of these tips coming from my previous work (maybe omit)
  • All content that could reasonably go on one page, should go on one page. Use sections instead of page titles.
    Not pages "Ontario" and "Quebec" but rather sections under the page "Provinces and Territories"
    • Exception: Don't move/merge pages people expect to be a certain way
    • Exception: Excessively long pages can be split up and linked to from the "catch-all" page (but if unsure better to have a long page)
  • Take caution in modifying heavy-traffic pages
  • Do not create arbitrary categories. Categories should have as little overlap as possible. IE "Category:Workshops" and "Category:Education" could just be "Category:Education"
    • Exception: Too many pages in a category- If I want to find all workshops, it may help to have its own category if there are many other Education pages.
    • Many wikis (like Free Geek's) probably need less than 50 categories.
  • Do not make pages for personal notes
  • Do not make regular pages for dynamic inclusion
  • Do not liberally use the title forward-slash feature or related page hierarchies
  • Do not make internal-link only pages with little content
  • Do not post copyrighted material
  • Do not use templates within templates