Introduction to Ubuntu 2

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This workshop is a continuation of the Introduction to Ubuntu workshop. This workshop will concentrate on customization of your Ubuntu system, including adding new software to your system, the applications in the Preferences system menu, and configuring your menus and desktop. There is a large hands on component to this workshop. Free Geek will supply Ubuntu systems to practice on.

The workshop should take two hours to complete, including one hour of questions and answers.

  1. Applications -> Add/Remove
    Reference: Ubuntu Help Center -> Adding, Removing and Updating Applications
    1.  How is software installation on Ubuntu different from the one on Windows?
    2.  Installing an application
    3.  Removing an application
    4.  Adding a software repository
    5.  Installing software packages without an Internet connection
    6.  What are restricted and non-free software?
    7.  Overview of the default Ubuntu software repositories
  2. System -> Preferences
    Reference: Ubuntu Help Center -> Customizing Your Computer
    1. Customizing Panels
    2. The Main Menu
    3. Visual Effects
    4. Customizing other aspects of the desktop
    5. Using KDE or Xfce instead of the GNOME desktop
  3. Multimedia
    Comprehensive Multimedia & Video Howto
  4. More Fun
    1. Ubuntu Hacks
    2. Ubuntu Kung Fu: Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Hacks
    3. Ubuntu Tweak
  5. Questions and Answers
  6. Wrap-up