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So you want to check minutes huh? You're great! This is an essential part of Free Geek organisational health, and it's more than just spelling. You will be preparing Free Geek decisions for visitation by geeks from the future. You will also be making sure that people's private info isn't sent out to the world at large.

Public Posting and Wikification Guidelines

Make sure that the content will not violate Free Geek's Public forum code of conduct by being posted to the wiki and/or public mailing lists.


Almost all Free Geek mailing lists, including the General mailing list, are publicly archived. They can be searched via Google and other search engines. There are hundreds of subscribers as well, so we have to make sure that personal information is respected and discretion is practiced. Minutes also go on the wiki in the minutes section. Transparency and openness come with heavy responsibilities.

Examples of Verboten (forbidden)

  • People's personal phone numbers or email addresses (unless they explicitly agree for this to be publicly archived)
  • Information that may violate employee privacy (e.g. comments on an employee's performance)
  • Client information/particulars, including company names
  • Name of a private citizen donating money (without their permission -- some people like to be Secret Santas)
  • Value that we are paid for scrap
  • Pricing
  • Security info (e.g. passwords, where we keep petty cash etc)

Perceived alliances

Free Geek is very careful about organisations that it partners with, or favours. Our reputation is our main capital asset! If we seem to endorse another organisation, in a sense we take on their reputation too. So we are darn choosy, and pick our words carefully.

We do not post:

  • Disparaging remarks about people or organisations
  • Endorsements of companies, or statements that seem to imply partnerships
  • Any remarks regarding any political party


Visit this page for information about how to do wiki markup Help:Contents

  • Make sure people's names are spelled correctly; you'll need a last initial if possible, since we have some humans with the same first name.
  • Try to use the same format as other minutes (e.g. use * for bullets, use ** for subpoints under those bullets)

Procedure for checking

  • Make sure you get the minutes from the scribe in a timely manner. Feel free to bug them! You should get them no more than 3 days after the meeting end.
  • Check 'em.
  • Post 'em to the wiki
  • Send a link to the wiki article to the relevant mailing list
  • Send a link to the wiki article to the general mailing list
  • Don't send the minutes as an attachment. It will not be archived, and may create accessibility issues.
  • Don't send the whole minutes out inline via email. It's redundant. Also, pointing people to the wiki to read minutes acts as an added safety measure, in case there are errors/omissions that have to be fixed. It's harder to fix an email archive than a wiki!

Additional resources

You may want to consult the following: