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Location FG Rack
Status Production


Vendor Supermicro
Motherboard X6DVA
Processor 2 x Xeon 3.2GHz 64bit
Graphics ATI Rage XL
Network 82541GI Gigabit Ethernet Controller (MAC:00:30:48:81:ac:cf)
RAM 6 x 1GiB DDR2700 ECC
Drives 1TB Seagate SATA, 1TB Western Digital SATA


OS Ubuntu 64-bit 10.04.3 LTS Server


Description IP Logical IF Physical IF MAC
Lan eth0 eth0 00:30:48:81:ac:cf


Description Device Mount Point Filesystem Size
Boot sda1 /boot ext3 500MB
RAID10 Hardware volume sda2 - - 999GB
RAID10 Hardware volume sdb2 - - 999GB
LVM Physical volume md0 - - 999GB
Swap beech/swap - swap 8GB
Root FS beech/swap / ext4 20GB
Backup store beech/backup /media/backup-archive ext4 350 GiB
Groups store beech/groups /srv/nfs/groups ext4 10 GiB
Home dirs beech/home /srv/nfs/home ext4 50 GiB
CD Images beech/isos /srv/nfs/isos ext4 50 GiB


Service Name Purpose and link to Service Page
NFS Home and Group folders for network
Backup Backup store for servers