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Warning: This page is suspected to be out-of-date.

HR is currently defunct. All HR issues are being dealt with within the staff group. Sat March 6th 2010.

The Human Resources (HR) Workgroup is tasked with coordinating Free Geek's most precious resource of all -- humans! They spend time facilitating staff reviews, HR policies, the hiring process, morale and wellness, staff scheduling, training, and mediation/conflict resolution, etc. They make recommendations to staff as well.

They meet every Wednesday at 6:15 at Free Geek. This workgroup and its meetings are invite-only.

Members of HR

Current HR Workgroup

  • Ifny Lachance (staff)
  • Jane McCauley (staff)
  • Patrick Chu (staff)
  • Joe Bowser (director)
  • Alex Smecher (director)
  • Ashley Stevenson (director)

Past HR Workgroup members

(most recent first)


  • Luke Closs
  • Megan Zanussi
  • Ifny Lachance


  • Paul Teehan

Strategic Planning Session

Ok get ready! You have been tasked with the following, due to the Strategic Planning Session.

Make sense of goals

Now we'll work on breaking down these abstract, high level goals into something concrete and achievable. The bottomliners are not tasked with overseeing these goals, they are tasked with getting things started.

1 year goals

Bottomliner: Megan, Ifny, Luke

  • Develop as a productive workplace (1 year)
  • Create a sustainable and happy workplace (1 year, value #3)
  • Have a permanent HR dept (1 year, value #9)
  • Define mechanisms for staff accountability (1 year, value #6)
  • Make staff experience more supportive, sustainable, positive (1 year value #3)

Determine budgetary needs of goals

  • What resources do we need to complete these goals?

We need to create financial proposals for these goals to submit to the 2009 Budget if needed ASAP! The Budget must be approved for the AGM!!!

Determine Timeline & Check Points

  • Where do we need to be 1 month from now, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year?
  • How will we remain accountable to the checkpoints? Who will follow up? What meetings need to be scheduled to get started?

Please fill in this wiki when done this exercise