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Ok get ready! You have been tasked with the following, due to the Strategic Planning Session.

Make sense of goals

Now we'll work on breaking down these abstract, high level goals into something concrete and achievable. The bottomliners are not tasked with overseeing these goals, they are tasked with getting things started.

1 year goals

Bottomliner: Megan, Sean

  • Define roles & training for B.O.D. (1 year, value #9)
  • Create effective bylaws (1 year, value #6)
  • Ensure healthy consensus culture (1 year, value # 8, 1)

3 year goals

  • Expand our physical space & capacity for production

Determine budgetary needs of goals

  • What resources do we need to complete these goals?

We need to create financial proposals for these goals to submit to the 2009 Budget ASAP! The Budget must be approved for the AGM!!!

Determine Timeline & Check Points

  • Where do we need to be 1 month from now, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year?
  • How will we remain accountable to the checkpoints? Who will follow up? What meetings need to be scheduled to get started?

Please fill in this wiki when done this exercise

Organizational Values

Determining an organization's values allows us to make strategic goals that prioritize our collective objectives.

The specific actions that evolve from our collective values manifest in goal setting.

These are the values that were recorded and grouped, they need to be further compiled by the Governance work-group. It would be great if we could resent a polished set of values at the AGM as well.

1) Collaboration

  • We value collaboration & autonomy
  • We value interdependence, therefore we facilitate opportunities for skillsharing, participation and mutual assistance.
  • We value collective thought, therefore we openly discuss our issues and obtain input from everyone.
  • We value community sharing and mutual support
  • We value experience, therefore we freely exchange it.

2) Equitable distribution of resources

  • We value an equitable distribution of wealth, therefore we strive to provide access to technology to all communities.

3) Empowerment

  • We value empowerment, therefore we strive to support eachother in overcoming our hurdles and systemic oppressions.
  • We value accessibility, therefore we strive to identify and overcome barriers to access.

4) Community & Environmental Accountability

  • We value community, therefore we strive to reduce the negative impacts of e-waste.
  • We value environmental health, therefore we consider the impact of our operations and disposal of electronic waste.
  • We value conservation, therefore we seek to divert waste, both of resources and potential.
  • We value community, therefore we are aware of people and the environment, locally and globally.

5) Learning

  • We value learning, therefore we strive to create an environment that helps us to learn from our mistakes.
  • We value education, therefore we encourage the open flow of information and provide learning opportunities.

6) Freedom

  • We value freedom, therefore we employ systems, procedures, and policies that do not enslave individuals.
  • We value freedom, therefore we work to facilitate choice, consent, awareness, transparency, while working against misinformation, disempowerment and exclusion from the walls of power.

7) Openess/consesnus

  • We value openess, therefore we make decisions publicly and share all information possible,
  • We value transparency, therefore we make available our actions, decisions.

8) Inclusivity/community

  • We value sustainability, therefore we are inclusive of everyone.
  • We value inclusivity, therefore we seek oportunities to remove obstacles, practice transparency and openess, while making conscientious efforts to reach out to new uninvolved communities and individuals.

9) Autonomy

  • We value sovereignty, therefore we strive to keep Free Geeks decision power within its membership
  • We value self sufficiency, therefore we try to be self sustaining and leverage the independence of others.