Governance Structure

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This is a proposed governance structure

<graphviz> digraph g {

  newbie [ label="Decision Made/consensus reached" ]

  stationsc [label="minuted in meeting minutes" ]
  trainings [label="new agenda item can be created" ]
  supp [label="agenda item discussed at next meeting" ]
  newbie -> stationsc -> trainings -> supp -> newbie

} </graphviz>

Who makes decisions on what?

  • The Staff Collective (all full-time permanent members of Staff) makes decisions on all day to day operations, this includes financial, health and safety and human resources. The Staff Collective try to uphold the Free Geek mission statement which is: Free Geek is a nonprofit community organisation that reduces the environmental impact of waste electronics by reusing and recycling donated technology. Through community engagement we provide education, job skills training, Internet access and free or low cost computers to the public.
  • Directors make decisions on all legal/liable decisions because the insurance is under their names. They are can not block decisions that are made by The Staff Collective that do not involve liability issues.
  • General can make decisions on big picture stuff. They can not block decisions previously made by either staff or directors.

How consensus works at Free Geek