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We call the computer we give away an Adoption Box. It runs the Ubuntu Linux operating system, and has software installed for word processing, using the internet, reading your email, listening to music, amongst other activities. The current specifications are as follows:

Processor: Intel Core2Duo or AMD Athlon X2 (1.86GHz or faster)
2 GB of RAM
Hard drive: 80 GB
DVD Burner
Internet-ready (requires a wired connection)
Comes with a 17" flatscreen monitor, keyboard, mouse, as well as power and video cables.

Adoption Policy: Members of the adoption program can get their first computer after 24 hours of volunteer work. Subsequent computers can be obtained only once per year, after another 24 hours of service.

Please Note: Adoption Boxes are the only systems we offer through the Adoption Program. You cannot volunteer for components, other kinds of systems, or laptops. Neither the Adoption Box nor any of its components have monetary value in the store: you cannot trade, modify, or deduct value from the Box or its peripherals in any way to pay for items in the store. If you do not wish to obtain an Adoption Box, you may opt to receive a $50 gift certificate to the store instead, which may be used to purchase any item.