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Fridays are an internal day, colloquially called Free Fridays. Staff use these days as an opportunity to have meetings and catch up on paperwork and other duties that they can't get to during the regular workweek. Decision for a three month trial was made at the April 2009 General Monthly Meeting

  • These days are "volunteer-free" -- all the stations are closed except for Receiving.
  • The Store is open as well, staffed by a part-timer.
  • We try not to do pickups this day, as it makes work for the warehouse.
  • We also try not to send out recyclables on Free Friday.
  • This is a good day for [OHS] meetings
  • We should exploit this day for training purposes.
  • It's possible to have volunteers in doing special tasks, for finite periods. This needs to be okayed by staff first.

Past Free Fridays

Free Friday trainings will be documented here as per the decision made in the staff meeting July 24 2009 (add link)

July 24th 2009

  • Laptop Training with staff (documented by interns)

Future Trainings

Staff should add things that they want to be trained in/train others in below

  • basic wiki editing
  • Training for Roundup
  • retraining on phones
  • training for all stations for all staff
  • consensus training
  • conflict resolution/nonviolent communication/
  • safety procedures