FG Laptop QC Procedure

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FG Laptop QC Procedure

The QC process is mostly a re-run of the Build procedure, a double-check to make sure the Builder found and/or fixed everything and documented it properly. You'll do all the same steps except for Memtest, unless the Builder missed it .

Starting Up

1. Pick any machine from the shelf labelled Ready to QC.

2. The machine should have a completed Build Sheet and a charger taped to it. If there is no charger, find an appropriate one.

3. Turn the machine on.

4. Get into the BIOS. Check the following:

Date and Time (set them to the correct date and time if they are wrong)

Boot Order: CD drive before Hard Drive, Hard Drive before Network

Wifi Enabled

Wake on Keyboard (if it exists) Enabled

Dual Core Enabled (on dual core machines only, of course)

5. Save changes and exit the BIOS. Let the machine boot.

Run the Quality Control (FGQC) Script

1. Open a terminal (Control+Alt+T). At the prompt, type fgqc, then when prompted for the password, oem.

2. Wait for the script to load. Enter your volunteer number when asked.

3. Follow the script in order, checking off each item on the Build Sheet as you come to it.

For details on each of the sections below, see the FG Laptop Build Procedures document.





Hard Drive


Optical drive





Stress Test

Use sudo lshw to fill in the Build Sheet component details.

Test the Lid Close

Battery Strength



Slots and Ports

Finish Up

Check the Build Sheet to make all the details are filled in and all the boxes are checked.

Ensure that all OS stickers, both on the top and bottom of the machine, are removed, and any glue or scum has been cleaned off.

Ensure that the machine is clean (well, as clean as we can manage), especially the screen, touchpad and keyboard.

Make sure the Builder put a System ID sticker on the machine. If not, make one for them and stick it on the bottom of the machine in a sensible spot.

The Build Sheet should already have a yellow dot on it, indicating that the Build is finished. Now add a blue dot, indicating that QC is finished.

Final QC

Final QC is the final once-over check, usually done by a staff member or qualified volunteer. Try to have Final QC done as soon as you have finished QC. The staff member or volunteer will spot-check a few things, check the Build Sheet, and finally check off the Final QC box.

Tape the Build Sheet to the laptop lid, coil the AC Adaptor cords, and tape them to the laptop. Put the whole assembly on the shelf labelled Ready for Store.