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fgqc - the Free Geek Quality Control bash script - presents a menu of routines used at Free Geek Vancouver (FGV) for testing components and for quality control.

Accessing fgqc

  • fgqc resides on the FGV server so you need Ubuntu running, with a connection to the FGV intranet.
  • fgqc is run from the Linux command line so you need an open Terminal .

Running fgqc

  1. Type sudo fgqc at the command line eg. oem@freegeek:~$ sudo fgqc (sudo temporarily grants an ordinary user the security level of the root administrator.)
  2. When requested, enter the password oem eg. password for oem: oem
  3. Enter your volunteer number when requested.
  4. From the menu of options, select the procedure you wish to invoke.
  5. When you're done, select <finish> to exit fgqc.