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FGDB is the Free Geek Database.

FGV uses it to count incoming equipment donations, outgoing equipment dispersals through the Hardware Grant Program and to keep track of volunteer contact information and hours worked.

The software has point of sale capability, but we are not using it in Vancouver.

An installation exists on radon.


FGDB is accessible from within the shop only at http://fgdb/. A login is required to access the database proper in order to protect volunteer privacy.

A public ID lookup is available at http://fgdb/id. This is limited to looking up a person's ID, their program, and discount eligibility.


Entering Donations

These instructions have not been tested

Donations are any sort of hardware which is given to Free Geek. These should be entered at the end of every day to track what hardware was received.

 * Login to http://fgdb/
 * Click on 'Donation' on the left hand side
 * Select 'Anonymous' for contact type
 * Enter 'xxx' for Postal Code
 * For each category of equipment select it from the drop down and enter the number of units received.  Click more gizmo's for additional category entries.
 * When done select 'Submit'

The page after submitting can be printed off as a receipt for donors who wish to have a record that given hardware was received by Free Geek.


A current copy of Free Geek Vancouver's code is available at http://repo.freegeekvancouver.org/gitweb/?p=app/fgdb.rb.git;a=summary