Extraodinary General Meeting-2014-06-17 Minutes

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Extraordinary general meeting June 17 2014


Roxanne, Kricket, Rex, Anna, Nigel, Nevada, Lance, Monica, Mike M. (Mac), Mike Frost, Robert, Dave M., Brian,Jeffrey Moncrieff. All Active Members or Members in Good Standing

Nigel Reads email sent out before the meeting-

Last night at Free Geek a “Monthly General Meeting” was held. Legal advice brought to that meeting showed that it was no provision in the BC Societies Act for non-members (as defined by the Act and Free Geek’s bylaws) to participate in consensus (vote). The legal memo is attached. In the spirit of a better decision making process, the board granted membership (for that meeting only) to all those present.

The agenda put forward at that meeting was not completed. Subsequent meetings to address this are planned (the next one is scheduled June 24th). The minutes of the meeting will be posted on the Free Geek wiki.

To ensure everyone who attends can participate the board will once again be obliged to grant active membership status to those non-members attending so they can participate in the decision making process.

Two Questions arise. Should the board be allowed to make temporary voting rights on behalf of the membership? Should the board be allowing decisions to be made in this manner?

Nigel: We had Monthly General Meetings (MGM), where we had anybody turn up and make an input to the decision into the running of the operations of Free Geek (FG). Although we call them “Monthly General Meetings” they should not be confused with General Meeting as defined by the BC Society Act. We have had people attending who used to be with FG and people who had never been to FG. Discussion - how do we govern ourselves?

Mike Frost: Summary of last meeting, 4 hours with no resolution. The board gave special disposition to those people who were not members so they could participate in consensus (vote).

Nigel: Discussion - In regards to moving FG on in size and greater importance to community.

Mike Frost: Summary of Portland trip.

    Nevada had to leave at 6:52.

Nigel: Speaking about founders, that it takes different person to setup an organization and another to run it.

Mike Frost.: Respect has to be earned, it’s not an entitlement, (in regards to founders).

Nigel: Does the membership want the board to continue to give active member status to non-members?

Lance: If the board gives a non-member Active Membership (the right to vote) then they should follow some guidelines.

Rex: I volunteered many hours driving people to FG and perhaps this should count towards Active Membership. How would the board deal with this?

Brian: There could be an imbalance here. The board could appoint non-members as Active Members. However, if the other Active Members could revoke this at the General Meeting, any political imbalance could be addressed.

Nigel: We can still have monthly meetings, but the only people who can vote are the Active Members.

Dave: People who are currently Non-Active Members and wish to vote (participate in consensus) should to write in to board before a meeting providing a reason for their request.

Mac: People who are sick or injured, would have reason to write the board.

The membership stated that they are very displeased with the board’s handing out of special memberships, and ask the board to be very vigilant in this regard.

Brian's proposal:

That special Active Membership dispensation for a single event can be granted by the board. A de-certification of such a special membership dispensation can be done by a consensus of all Active Members who are present at the meeting, or by the board.

    Passed by consensus      Desertification Qualifier: this is meant for people, block, or object based on personal or political agendas, or refuse to give a qualified reason for not wanting consensus. At membership meetings where consensus is used. Or for people who are disruptive or offensive to the majority. As discussed in the meeting.     

Lance: Proposal: All meeting hours will count towards volunteer hours, but not towards their good standing membership hours.

    Passed by consensus

Dave M’s Proposal: that membership go ahead with the proposals from last meeting

    Passed by consensus

Roberts Proposals – Previously from last Tuesday’s meeting.

OEM Proposal 1: OEM stickers are to remain on all computer cases and laptops. No stickers can be sold by themselves. All stickers that are to go with a system, the system has to include a motherboard and CPU. No end of life stickers will be preserved. No retail stickers will be preserved.

    Passed by consensus

Testing Proposal 2: FG Vancouver allows the build departments to use alternative Operating Systems (O/S) for testing, including non-FOSS if and when practical and can include installing non-FOSS drivers to test.

    Passed by consensus

Resale of Gaming Software Proposal 3: FG Vancouver no longer disposes of games of any platform by recycling them, but sells these in the Free Geek store.

Passed by consensus

Mike Frost’s Proposal: to use the following clarification of purpose of Open Help Night (OHN).

The definition of Open Help Night is free tech support for everyone.

1. The limit of work is to do no harm to a user’s computer or data.

2. We will only help to the limits of our available expertise. In other words, whatever the problem is, and this applies to FOSS as well as alternate O/S, we’ll only help if there’s a helper present who knows what they’re doing. If we encounter difficult problems, we’ll only take it as far as we possess the knowledge, then send the supplicant off with suggestions on how to further research the problem themselves.

3. We do not do hardware repairs. Instead, we refer the supplicants to a third party. (Exceptions: we can swap out RAM, HDDs, expansion cards, optical drives, PSUs etc. where practical, to see if that fixes the problem)

4. We do not install proprietary O/S.

    All passed by consensus

Nigel: Should we cancel the meeting with Ifny, Alec and others next Tuesday?

Brian: The meeting date and time was already set. We should still hold it and tell those present of the meeting we had today.

Nigel: Adjourn

    Passed by consensus