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Free Geek Vancouver is an environmentally-conscious, non-profit E-Waste recycler and community technology centre. Our work environment is fun, dynamic and challenging. This posting is for the E-Waste Recycling Lead Summer Student position. It is a great way to gain experience in warehousing, technology and E-waste management. The E-Waste Recycling Intern will assist the Warehouse Coordinator in all tasks, including sorting, organising, lifting and processing E-Waste, as well as organising incoming and outgoing E-Waste shipments. The Intern will have the opportunity to gain a wide knowledge base about E-Waste and E-Waste practices in Canada and the world.

Job Title: E-Waste Recycling Lead Intern

Term of employment: May 14 to August 31

  • 40 hours per week
  • $10.25 hourly

Supervisor: Warehouse Coordinator


Candidates are required to be all of the following:

  • Age 15 to 30
  • Full time student for the past school year
  • Intend to return to school full time in the fall
  • Canadian citizen, or permanent resident, or convention refugee

Free Geek is an Affirmative Action employer. students with disabilities, Aboriginal students, women, LGBT students and students who are members of visible minority groups are strongly encouraged to apply.


E-Waste Recycling Support:

  • Research e-waste impacts and create information pamphlets for the public, focus on the public health and environmental impacts e-waste disposal has on developing countries
  • Receive, sort, organise, and process E-Waste in the warehouse
  • Ensure that volunteers are processing E-Waste correctly and safely
  • Help organise, promote, and aid the Warehouse Coordinator with incoming and outgoing shipments
  • Answer warehouse phone inquiries

General Free Geek Support:

  • Provide support to other departments and assist staff as needed
  • Respond to inquiries about all of Free Geek's programs
  • Data entry for staff as needed
  • Give Orientation Tours of the facility as needed

Desired Qualifications

  • Good technical knowledge, knowledge of computer technology is a bonus
  • Able to lift 50 lbs
  • Independent
  • Outgoing
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong willingness to learn about technology
  • Sense of humour


This is a Post Secondary Career Related position. The student will be given:

  • A supportive learning environment
  • A reference letter

This position provides skills relevant to the following programs:

Environmental Studies, Technology or Health Sciences program:

  • The environmental impacts of e-waste
  • Environmental activism and globalisation
  • The process of E-Waste recycling
  • The rules and regulations of E-Waste recycling in Canada
  • The local E-Waste landscape

Sociology programs, Women's Studies programs, Accessibility or Social Work programs, Social Science programs:

  • The social benefits to computer recycling
  • Methods towards abolishing barriers to accessing technology
  • Alternative and different forms of governance
  • Equity & Affirmative action
  • Knowledge of local not for profit practices

Plan for Supervision and Mentoring

The student in this position will be paired with a full-time staff member (the Warehouse Coordinator) to provide support and guidance. The delegated staff member will provide a 'buddy system' approach to training to foster leadership, learning, creativity, and a standard of work. The intern will develop the following career skills:


  • Learn to listen and ask questions to understand and appreciate the points of view of others.
  • Share information using a range of information and communications technologies (e.g., voice, e-mail, computers, presentations).
  • Learn to locate, gather and organize information using appropriate information technology.
  • Learn how to communicate complex issues as well as explain technology to people with diverse backgrounds and learning styles.

Project Management

  • Learn to plan, design and carry out a project from start to finish with well-defined objectives and outcomes.
  • Learn to identify the root cause of a problem, be creative and innovative in exploring possible solutions, recognize the human & technical dimensions of a problem.
  • Learn how to manage a constant flow of incoming materials and items in a warehouse, how to prioritise them, and how to efficiently organise 25 tonnes of E-Waste every month.

Social Responsibility

  • Learn the realities of the electronics industry, the environmental impact of E-Waste practices and the danger they pose.
  • Learn the personal impact E-Waste practices have on people with low economic standing.
  • Learn how E-Waste is managed, received, recycled, disposed of in Canada and the world.
  • Learn which E-Waste is and is not recyclable, and which is most handily usable, and how to recycle it.

Check points:

The student will attend bimonthly staff meetings to check in with staff (other than buddy staff) and give a verbal report of progress and activity. At this point additional suggestions and direction will be offered by staff members. There will be discussion among interns and staff about improvements that the interns can make as well as new projects/goals for the interns.

How to Apply

Applicants must be available to start May 14. Only interview candidates will be contacted. Email resumes to:

hr (at) freegeekvancouver (dot) org

Or, you can deliver resumes by hand to Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St. Tues-Sat, 11am-6pm.