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Eval passes

Eval passes are currently stored on the silver rack labeled "Eval Passes" in the warehouse. Once a day or so somebody needs to log the and sort the machines on this rack so we have an indication of what hardware is entering build fodder and eventually what hardware is in build fodder.

Log and Sort

The Build Coordinator, a trained Build Instructor, or another staff member such as the Renaissance Coordinator should regularly (Ex. at the beginning or end of the day) tally the machines that have passed Evaluation.

This person should eliminate any obviously misplaced machines (Ex. a machine with a missing face plate), and should use the good machines to fill the Build Fodder rack at the bottom of the Mezz stairs.

The Build Fodder rack, when full, should last the builders 5 days at least, and we shouldn't need more stock than that.

Overflow from Build Fodder can be kept on the baker racks and be considered for wholesale.

The current system for this tally is a piece of paper that counts how many machines of each speed came in each week. The totals are then entered into a spreadsheet which can then be uploaded to the Wiki.


When Tyler gets time to migrate the database over to the new server we'll log Eval Passes there.