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The following was submitted as part of our grant application in mid-2008 for the Vancity enviroFund grant:

B10. Human Resource needs: List the key staff involved in this project and describe their role(s) and their relevant experience & education. If this project is being carried out through a partnership with other community groups, please list the key partners (in delivery) of this project and describe their role(s) and the relevant experience of the project partners.

  • Build Coordinator: Oversee all aspects of Community Build program. Regularly communicate with Systems Developer regarding Build needs. Liaise with the Operations Coordinator regarding standardization and quality control of built systems. Standardize training and support Build Instructors; mentor Build Assistants. Oversee Build Volunteer assessment (initial and ongoing); liaise with Volunteer Coordinator on human resource issues and dispersing constructive feedback. Communicate program status to the general membership in person or by proxy. Inform Communications/Outreach Coordinator of upcoming workshops. Post documentation to Free Geek wiki; oversee database and Builder files. Meet regularly with Hardware Grant Coordinator, Stewards and workgroup. Implement workshops. Assist Build Volunteers and encourage interdependence. Oversee inventory and dispersal of finished computers. Experience: Advanced testing and building experience; teaching experience; wiki, Linux and networks competency; consensus experience a plus.
  • Build Instructors: Assist Build Coordinator with the above. Groom Build Volunteers to become Assistants and maintain schedules for Builders and Instructors; stay in communication with prospective Builders on the wait list. Make contact with prospective builders and give initial assessment. Schedule and facilitate “Test Out” opportunities. Check supplies of tested hardware, orderly workbenches and toolkits, safe and supportive environment. Inventory finished computers and ensure profile is attached to each. Provide support, assistance and encouragement to beginner Build Volunteers. Experience: Building competence; organisational capacity; teaching experience; First Aid; human resources and consensus experience a plus.
  • Volunteer Build Assistants: Support and help instruct Build Volunteers. Assist Instructors and Coordinators. Continue adding to skill set. Experience: Graduation from the Community Build program required.
  • Build Volunteers: Support fellow Build Volunteers. Learn to build six computers and keep the sixth one that is built. Provide feedback to Instructors and Build Coordinator. Keep workbenches tidy and toolkits orderly. Sign in and out. No experience required.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Track human resources and keep personalities flowing smoothly. Handle volunteer and orientation scheduling logistics, sign-in sheets, recording of volunteer and staff time in Free Geek database. Understand and explain the program to visitors and media. Perform tours and safety orientations. Facilitate consensus and conflict resolution. Liaise with Communications to design publicity materials and organise events. Help design campaigns to attract volunteers. Ensure volunteer cooperation with safety regulations and post clear signage in the building. Solicit feedback from volunteers. Monitor Adoption Volunteers' hours and keep Build informed about upcoming Adoption graduates who will need their free computer. Schedule staff & volunteers, and record their hours. Handle phone enquiries about Free Geek programs and maintain volunteer waiting list. Help lost sheep. Attend to general tidiness of work areas and kitchen. Assist volunteers with internet access. Experience: Human resources; conflict resolution; ability to delegate; Occupational Health and Safety knowledge, patience and positive; teaching experience, community connections and First Aid a plus.
  • Hardware Grant/Education Coordinator: Monitor and evaluate incoming hardware grant applications. Revisit past hardware grant recipients and solicit feedback. Make initial contact with grant applicants to ensure that dispersed systems will be appropriate. Track dispersal and communicate this to Build, Operations and Communications Coordinators. Liaise with Build Coordinator and Instructors to ensure that grants are filled in a timely manner. Collect feedback from Hardware Grant recipients. Coordinate Education workgroup, Hardware Grant workgroup and Stewards. Facilitate workshops that hone teaching skills and cultivate teachers from volunteer pool. Schedule classes and document curriculum online. Experience: Past nonprofit experience; understanding of free software philosophy and applications; teaching and human resources background; computer proficiency; consensus or collective experience an asset.
  • Hardware Grant Stewards: undertake a particular Hardware Grant that has been accepted and is waiting to be built. Ensure that it is filled in a timely manner; keep grant recipient informed about progress. Call them & arrange a time they can pick it up. Ensure grant equipment is clearly marked and set aside for pickup. Experience: understanding of free software philosophy and applications, computer proficiency.
  • Reuse Coordinator: Design and implement programs that enable Build to operate more efficiently; e.g. automatic installs and faster hard disk wiping. Keep systems and networks up and running. Support Build Coordinator and Instructors with technical issues. Ensure steady flow of parts and systems from warehouse to Build. Experience: extensive systems administration ability; programming skills; education and consensus an asset.
  • Communications/Outreach Coordinator: Work closely with Volunteer Coordinator. Design campaigns to attract volunteers, media attention, funding and hardware donations. Conduct outreach, post events/workshops on mailing lists and calendars. Ensure meetings are called and minutes are recorded, archived and available. Update website content. Solicit feedback from volunteers and visitors. Arrange for workshops on consensus and facilitation. Attend networking events to raise profile of Community Build. Press releases, media relations, market research. Public speaking. Graphic design, press kit, b-roll. Experience: Public relations, writing, graphic design; teaching and public speaking; community connections and consensus exposure an asset.
  • General Volunteers: Handle the receiving bay, receive donated equipment, do preliminary evaluation to determine if hardware should be directed to Community Build or Recycling. Remove RAM and other salvageable hardware from computers headed for recycling. They also test monitors; those that pass will be available for Build computers. Remove hard drives from incoming systems and bring it to Build for data erasure; after sorting a variety of components in the warehouse, they bring items to the Build area for testing. No experience required.
  • Volunteer Tradesperson (Carpenter): Construct the workbenches and movable dividers that Build requires.    
  • Recycling Coordinator: Oversee warehouse and preliminary culling of incoming equipment. Experience: Good organisational skills, extensive hardware recognition abilities.