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What is this?

Using a distributed collection model the Drop Point Program is proposed to allow 3rd parties who are interested and are able to accept the Free Geek policies as their own to collect hardware donations on Free Geek's behalf. Drop point locations will be determined by a list of mandatory prerequisites and tertiary preferences. Arranging the logistics of transportation will be handled by Free Geek Vancouver, specifically, by an incoming workgroup that is yet to founded.

Why Would I Help?

As Free Geek grows, so does our realization that one location nestled in the centre of Vancouver does not service all of the GVRD. It becomes very difficult, and costly for those who live in the suburbs to travel all the way into Vancouver just to drop off one computer. By joining Free Geek and opening a drop point in your neighbourhood you can help lower the amount of computers discarded in your community as well as given more much needed e-waste to great community service organization, Free Geek Vancouver.

What Must I Provide?

Our requirements are simple:

  • A covered, locked, and dry location
  • No pillaging
  • Must respect and uphold our data privacy policies
  • Your only downstream is Free Geek Vancouver

What Is Preferred?

Locations that can provide the following will be preferred over those that cannot:

  • Moisture protected location
  • Heated build
  • Business or industrial location

How Do I Transport Them?

Free Geek will contact you, the drop point, once every two weeks to check in and discuss current hardware volume. This iteration can be increased as seen fit, or the owner of the drop point location can contact Free Geek when they require a pickup. To warrant a pick up we would prefer at least or close to one skid worth of hardware donations.


To apply to become a Free Geek Drop Point please fill out the application located here.