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Scope of this document


Setting up your tools

Setup "Palm", the PC on the Mezzanine level with the bright green case.

* connect a power cable
* Connect a monitor
* Connect a keyboard and Mouse

= Flashing the Dlink 1120 *

These routers need to be flashed twice in order to be operable because of some bug in the device. Palm has a tftp server from which the Dlink 1120 will fetch the files required to flash the device.

* Get a straight through Ethernet cable from the bin.
* Connect one end of the network cable into the PCI Ethernet card on the back of Palm.
* Connect the other end into the "Eithernet" port on the Dlink 1120
* Ensure the power switch on the back of Palm is in the on position
* Press the power button on the front to boot the system.
* Reset the router


The DLink 1120M can be reflashed to a DLink 1120S giving it SIP capability. The device can then be used to use regular analog phones as SIP devices, integrating them into a VoIP system.

This document describes the process of upgrading the firmware.

For now, look at http://hemlock/dlink-firmware

Please transcribe the info and what you find in that directory on this page.

the default login before flashing after a reset is admin/primusvoip