Directors Meeting - 2016-10-20

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Directors meeting minutes for October 20th, 2016 at 6:30pm
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Minutes of the Free Geek Vancouver Director’s meeting held on Thursday October 20th, 2016, 6:30pm at the Free Geek Vancouver Facility


  • Nigel Cornwall (Pres)
  • Rex Brochi (VP)
  • Cindy Liu (Treas)
  • George Rosenberg (Marketing)
  • Cori Petersen (Volunteers)
  • Jonathan Marks (Sec)



  1. Call to Order
  2. Previous Minutes
  3. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes
  4. Financial Report
  5. New Matters
    1. Volunteer Coordinator (Rex)
    2. Marketing Strategy Priorities (George)
    3. SAP Social Engagement Consulting (Jon)
    4. Waste Conference - Nov 3rd (Nigel)
    5. Free Geek and the City of Vancouver (Nigel)
    6. Mills & Free Geek (Nigel)
  6. Move to Adjourn

Call To Order

Meeting commenced at 6:33pm, Jonathan facilitating and taking minutes

Previous Minutes

Minutes of the previous meeting, September 22nd, 2016 were adopted unanimously without changes.

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

Human Resources

Nigel recommended that we use Kelly from BrightGo Solutions as our HR reference point. Kelly is currently working on our Employee Handbook.

Ashraf is able to give us more of her time. There is an Adobe competition with $2000 prize. Nigel to get Ashraf to resize our large poster to a 3Mb file for this submission. Nigel to work with Ashraf to create designs for our Mugs, so that we can have Mugs as well as badges from promotions.


Any director can sign a contract. Prior to signing this needs to be communicated to all directors and there needs to be majority support from the directors. All bank authorizations require two signatures. [JM: Who has signing power, who should have signing power?]

IT Conference

The exhibition was a great success. Thanks to George for getting the booth at no cost. Thanks to all who paricipated in making it a success. It was well positioned - we got a lot of attention - the old display pieces were good conversation items. Many people either knew about us, or were interested in what we did. It was also a good opportunity to meet with the other exhibitors. A "new matters" item for next meeting is an update on following up of the contacts made.


Our Email service has been successfully moved to Gmail, integrated with calendars. Thanks to Lucas and Nigel.

Financial Report

The board reviewed the financial position and were satisfied that the organization is functioning well. There was a short discussion on how to increase revenue which was deferred to the "Marketing Strategy Prorities" item under new Matters.

New Matters

Volunteer Coordinator (Rex)

The directors agreed that Nancy's role should be replaced by a warm body, rather than being handled by committee.

Marketing Strategy Priorities (George)

The sources of revenue is where we need to focus our marketing priorities:

  1. Recycling: Revenue from this source is limited and declining. In 2016 FGV has recycled more volume and received less revenue - this trend is expected to continue. FGV will continue to recycle as it is part of our mission, recognizing we need to focus on other areas to derive revenue.
  2. Grants and Donations: It takes the same amount of effort to apply for a large grant as a small grant, so we should focus on the larger grants. [JM: Could this be an assignment we could give to an intern studying business and oversee their efforts?][[GR: new grants to subsidize cost of computers awards to organizations – needs a better understanding of real costs of awarded computers]
  3. Retail: This is our largest revenue generator, and within it, 50% of revenue is derived from the sale of desktop and laptop PCs. It takes the same amount of effort to prepare a high end machine as it does a low end machine. Marketing could look at ways of increasing retail volume and item prices to drive revenue, which can be achieved by seeking out sources of newer machines as well as consistent and substantial supply. [GR: Clearly Retail with appropriate Grants should be our focus for the coming year. This will require engagement with business community as a source of this equipment. What is the best way to involve them 1:1 meetings or mini conference?]

[GR: I would like to set a stretch goal for a revenue target. Any ideas? How is $50-75K over the 2016 budget. Perhaps, Cindy or Nigel can provide a figure based on their experience.]

SAP Social Engagement Consulting (Jon)

Through Pyxera Global, SAP offers pro-bono consulting services and have identified FGV as a potential recipient. They will be meeting with us between the 8th and 10th of November, so we can get to know each other better, and review a number of "real work" projects that FGV can benefit from by working with SAP.

The directors feel that the "real work" projects should focus on generating revenue in a profitable way from the operations of the business, which ties into the development of our retail marketing strategies. [GR: I would also recommend that Engagement with the Business Community be one of the items for discussion as a CSR project with representatives for SAP]

The directors established a sub-committee for this endeavour headed by Jonathan including Nigel, George and Cori (with Rex) from the board. As Michele runs our store and knows the most about retail the directors feel that her participation on this sub-committee will be greatly beneficial.

Jonathan to approach Michele, and confirm appointment for Tuesday, November 8th in the afternoon.

Zero Waste Conference - Nov 3rd (Nigel)

This conference is a great place to network with other recyclers and organizations seeking considering recycling options for items including consumer electronics that they are disposing.

MOTION: To approve the expenditure of $200 for Nigel to attend this conference. Passed unanimously.

Free Geek and the City of Vancouver (Nigel)

Nigel and Khaled attended a City of Vancouver recycling event, and were able to salvage PC's, laptops and displays that FGV sold for $3500. The City is happy with our involvement, having indicated a willingness to continue working with us at these recycling events.

MOTION: To propose to City of Vancouver that FGV handle all the consumer electronics waste at their next recycling event.

It was explained that although FGV will not gain much revenue from the recycling, the main revenue coming from the recovered items for resale, the publicity of being known as a "Go To" recycler for the City will be invaluable. It was also recognized that there may be added cartage and warehouse expenses handle the logistics of many gaylords of disposed consumer electronics. These expenses need to be watched to ensure they do not exceed the potential revenue to be generated. Motion passed unanimously.

Mills & Free Geek (Nigel)

Mills Basics donates $2000 worth of printing services to FGV. As a mutually beneficial endeavour, Mills has proposed promoting us as a cause they support, and use their vehicles to do pick up for us. [JM: Following the meeting it occurred to me that we could ask Mills to assist us with the Gaylord transport from the City of Vancouver Recycling events]. The directors are supportive of Nigel pursuing this initiative with Mills Basic.

Move to Adjourn

The meeting adjurned at 8:45pm, Next meeting to be held at 6:30pm on November 17th, 2016, at FGV's facility.