Directors Meeting - 2021-01-19

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Directors meeting minutes for January 19th 2021 at 7:00pm
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  • Zoom


  • Glen Mitchell
  • Robert Pilkington
  • David Lloyd
  • Samantha Rousseau
  • Jordan Jones
  • Mike Frost


  • Glen Mitchell


  • Robert Pilkington


  1. Approval of minutes of last board meeting
  2. Approval of financial statements
  3. Operations update
  4. Financial update
  5. Online store update
  6. In camera topic
  7. Staff liaison position
  8. Governance update
  9. Controls and Directors liability
  10. Planning/strategy sessions
  11. In camera session


Approval of minutes of last board meeting

  • Approved.

Glen Make Google folder for director minutes ASAP

Approval of financial statements

  • Approved.

Operations update - Mike

  • Online store is up.
  • Belejeb reports online sales are 40% of total sales.
  • Belejeb has question about shipping.
  • Warehouse still purging.
  • More Volunteers return.
  • Recycle drives with city of Vancouver are coming up, pending Covid restrictions.
  • Greenest city grant are planning first virtual repair cafe.
  • Lighting in the warehouse. $580 for partial fix, $760 for full replacement.

  • Robert: bad lighting can be a liability issue.
  • Mike: warehouse is Gloomy, hard to see.
  • David: would like to see this in writing.

Mike write out a lighting proposal Next meeting

  • Samantha: how is the virtual cafe being promoted?
  • Mike: each organization will be promoting on their own social media.

Financial update - Jordan

  • Jordan gives financial report.

  • Samantha: Belejeb said it was busy in January, was that sales or donations?
  • Mike: that was sales, but we had a lot of donations as well.
  • Mike: do you still want to see Belejeb's weekly summary? As you can see it on Helcim.
  • David: would like to still see the summary.
  • David: could help Belejeb to make spreadsheet that overlays 2020 with 2021.

Online store update - Glen

  • Sale launched Sunday.
  • Awaiting transition to store. subdomain
  • Using ‘FG Custom Build’ for custom-built desktops for now.
  • Will ask Helcim to address other wishlist/issues after subdomain transition complete.

  • Glen: there is a feedback form in the store and shipping its the number one request.
  • Samantha: we would need more info on how many requests, plus our expense.
  • Mike: We would like to keep it tightly local.
  • David: issue would be standards in packaging.

  • Table item for next meeting (shipping).

In camera topic

  • Discussion held.

Staff liaison position

  • Robert has volunteered to take on the staff Liaison position.
  • Directors will be more removed from daily business and no longer CC’d on staff emails unless they opt in.
  • Board will only pre-approve new staff hires based on budget
  • Staff will if the hire is approved form a hiring committee and choose a new employee.
  • Staff can make purchases under $500 or in budget without board approval.

Board approved above items by consensus now

  • Mike: would like to be no longer the message board from staff to board.
  • Robert: You have to let staff know they can contact the board directly, or relay it through the Secretary.
  • David: Mike are you the supervisor?
  • Mike: Since staff have come back they look up to Mike as their leader.
  • Robert: Mike is a Lead rather than a manager.
  • Jordan: The board needs to have a HR role that staff can report to.

Robert Staff Meeting ASAP
Board Workout resolution path for staff issues no fixed date

Governance update - David

  • David has been looking at everyone's comments on the online Policy.
  • Discussion on term lengths. Change to One year term with renewal.
  • Discussion on staff representative and executive manager, change wording to make it clear they are not on the board.

David will draft a revision the Policy Next Meeting

  • Glen: when this is accepted by the board then it will go onto the membership for final approval?
  • David & Robert: yes.

Controls and Directors liability - David

  • Sent a link out from the Government about potential risks for non profits Directors.
  • Jordan has looked at our controls with our accountant.
  • Our accountant sent out a document about our financial controls.

  • Jordan: there is no major risk of fraud, due to separation of duties.
  • David: potential risks for directors would be liability for employee issues i.e. past due wages, and CRA obligations such as GST and employee remittances.
  • Jordan: the biggest issue would be with HR.

Planning/strategy sessions - Samantha

Purpose Answer 2 questions:

  • Which communities will we serve?
  • How will we serve that community.


  • Community (market) size and Definition.
  • Community (market) Growth.
  • Key Competitors.
  • Macro-economic Conditions.
  • Government Regulation.
  • Stakeholders and Goals.

Strategy Sessions

  • Session 1: Research Summary and Discussion.
  • Session 2: Mission and Vision.
  • Session 3: Stakeholders: Define a compelling value proposition. for each stakeholder.
  • Session 4: Implementation Plan.
  • Session 5: Wrap-up and Review.


  • Between Feb 15 and 2nd week in March.
  • First step - assigning responsibility for the inputs

  • Glen: is this more business orientated or more mission orientated?
  • Samantha: if we don’t have feasibility then strategy only goes so far.
  • David: maybe we should start with a white board session.

In camera session