Directors Meeting - 2020-12-15

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Directors meeting minutes for Tuesday December 15th 2020 at 7:00pm
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  • Zoom


  • Glen Mitchell
  • Robert Pilkington
  • David Lloyd
  • Samantha Rousseau
  • Krusheska Quiros
  • Jordan Jones
  • Mike Frost


  • Glen Mitchell


  • Robert Pilkington


  1. Approval of minutes of last board meeting
  2. Operations update
  3. Financial update
  4. Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS)
  5. Online store update
  6. Governance
  7. Charity status discussion
  8. Planning calendar: Strategy sessions; General meeting
  9. In camera session


Approval of minutes of last board meeting

  • Motion approved

Operations update

  • Mike:
    • Hired Steve Lee, has helped out with workload.
    • Warehouse purge continued.
    • Hard drive crusher, old drive crusher fixed.
    • In Camera.
  • David: asks for weekly store financial to be made into a spreadsheet graph.

Financial update

  • Jordan:
    • Income is down compared to last year, but expenses are down.
    • Overall standing in in the bank is healthy compared to last year.
  • David: would like to have financial approved.
  • Jordan: Going forward having a quarterly financial approval.


Who What When
Board Decision made to vote to approve most recently received financial statements at every board meeting Now

Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS)

  • Glen: Not a huge discount but available to June.

Online store update

  • Glen:
  • Samantha:
  • David.


    • Major barriers have been worked out.
    • Transitioning to new Helicim Commerce account.
    • New POS terminal has been ordered.

Still to come

    • Taking of product photo shots.
    • Finalization of product import spreadsheets
    • Product import.
    • Online store testing.
    • Final cosmetic refinements.
    • Official store Launch.
  • Mike: production can help fill in spreadsheets.
  • Glen: noted that staff all have different ways of input.
  • David: a guide can be built in.



  • Review of the current bylaws.
  • David to share document for board to comment on.
  • To be work on next meeting.

Charity status discussion

  • Krucheska:
    • Presentation of non profit vs charity.
    • Number of advantages to being a charity.
    • Problem it's tricky to move a non profit to a charity.
    • Recommends starting charity on side.
    • Would need new board.
  • Mike: that ties in with what Free Geek has concluded in the past. Three things: education, hardware grants, open cafes.
  • David: finding someone to team with, which could be more effective and cost effective.
  • Krucesha: that can be an option but there are cautions.
  • Mike would like to invite Krucheska to meet Greenest City group.
  • Glen Would like to talk to Vancity in regards to Charity.

Planning calendar: Strategy sessions; General meeting

  • Glen:
  • Samantha:
    • after store has been open for couple of weeks, to have some strategy sessions.
    • Samantha will plan out the strategy sessions
    • Membership meetings

In camera session