Directors Meeting - 2020-11-04

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Directors meeting minutes for Wednesday November 4th 2020 at 7:00pm
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  • Glen:
    • introduced Luke (staff), to the new board members.
    • Mike was introduced as the usual staff representative.
    • New board members David, Sam, Jordan, Krusheska gave brief background info.


  • Glen: although we respect objective of Roberts rules of order, we don’t observe them, the board is free to change this. The main idea is to have mutual respect with free flowing ideas.


  • Zoom


  • Glen Mitchell
  • Robert Pilkington
  • David Lloyd
  • Samantha Rousseau
  • Krusheska Quiros
  • Jordan Jones
  • Mike Frost
  • Luke Vaughan


  • Glen Mitchell


  • Robert Pilkington


  1. Operations Update
  2. Financial Update
  3. Online Store Action Plan
  4. Discussion - Strategic Initiatives Q&A
  5. Director Roles
  6. Monthly Standing Board Meeting Date


Operations Update

  • Mike:
    • Donations, more garbage than good items coming in, incoming hard drives an issue. Production, Desktop, laptop, phones and tablets keeping store supplied.
    • Sales, healthy even without online store, $19,900 sales for October.
    • Volunteers, currently 7 high skill level, plus 2 new volunteers.
    • Staff, we all have too much to do, Mike feels however they are coping, moral is OK, Operations is slowly getting more organized and less crowded.
    • Partnerships:
      • We are still working with city of Vancouver on recycle drives adapted to COVID-19 with more drives coming in 2021.
      • We are still a member of the share-repair-reuse initiative.
      • We are part of the Repair Collective with 3 other groups that got the Greenest City Grant ($40,000 over 2 years), to create a one stop repair hub in Vancouver, plans for a virtual repair event & outside repair cafes once weather permits will be the first events of this Collective.
    • Plans:
  1. In regards to change, concentrate on what we do well, outsource the rest of it, streamline what we take and carry, by handing over the stuff we find hard to test and process to wholesalers, concentrate on the high value items for the store.
  2. Online store which is an agenda item.
  3. Rearrange the physical plan of Free Geek, to better reflect current operations.


  • David: Can we get tracking numbers for the board meetings?
  • Mike: Yes.
  • Mike: We do keep tally of shop builds.
  • Jordan: Asked about value breakdown of material.
  • David: What is an antique?
  • Mike: wholesaler interested in younger stuff than expected.
  • Krusheska: What would have value as donations?
  • Mike: higher value items need more testing, video cards, mac-books.
  • Glen: Market for server hardware?
  • Luke: hard to move.
  • Krusheska: Dream donation?
  • Mike: Large donation of high value matching laptops.
  • Mike: We used to get large business donations, ie: Vancity (investigate)
  • Luke: A lot probably goes to out downstream e-cycle solution.
  • Sam: What is the difference between us and the downstream recycler?
  • Luke: To the donor we are the same.
  • Jordan: Do we supply hard drive destruction?
  • Mike: Yes.
  • Glen: On donation barriers - Pickup fees.

Closing Warehouse in December

  • Luke: Wants to close the warehouse, in December, work on sorting the physical space, and production, Luke would like to make cold barrier on the loading bay door, and door bell.
  • Robert: Proposes $300 to operations for cold strip and bell, Second by Krusheska.
  • Mike: Better solution for hard drive destruction, will forward proposal.
  • Glen: lets slow down intake, Luke will put loose hard drive on the items we don’t take list.
  • Glen: Better policy for data destruction.
  • Robert: Chris Williams wants extra day.
  • Mike: He wants extra day to keep better eye on production.
  • Glen: Yes. (no objection)

Financial Update

  • Glen: Goes through our Vancity account.
  • Mike: Clarifies some of the items.
  • Glen: Overall we are in a healthy place but without subsidiary we are breaking even. This can be offset by the opening of the online store.
  • Glen - takes comfort in our accountants reflection of Free Geek financial standing.

Online Store Action Plan

Decision to pursue Helcim platform

  • Glen: Bringing a team together to have functioning store by mid/end of December.
  • Sam: How will store be maintained?
  • Glen: No plan but there would be a need for more help in the store.
  • Sam: Will there be branding?
  • Glen: We will be using a template.
  • David: Can pass around link to their demo.
  • Jordan: Can we talk to the Helcim rep?
  • Glen: yes.


Who What When
Board and Staff A project team/committee was formed to expedite the setup of the new online store (Jordan, David, Sam, Belejeb, Glen). This team will meet on an approx. weekly basis until the store is live (targeting mid-December). Now

Discussion - Strategic Initiatives Q&A:

  • Conducted by Jordan:
    • Finding Areas that require focus and attention
    • Most important outcome is additional revenue opportunity/streams
  • Krusheska: What value can we offer? When applying for Grants, how to expand from the online store. Creating a list of selling points.
  • Robert: To introduce Krusheska to Mahmoud.
  • Glen: Once we are more solvent we can then look at for-filling our higher aspirations What can we do to further our role in the community.


Who What When
Krusheska Is going to do some research and prepare a cost/benefit analysis prior to the next board meeting on the advantages of Free Geek applying for charity status. Next meeting

Director Roles

  • Robert: Three roles are mandatory - Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, the other roles our up to us - Robert puts forward working as teams.
    • Board Chair - Glen Mitchell
    • Secretary - Robert Pilkington
    • Vice Chair - David Lloyd
    • At large - Samantha Rousseau
    • Volunteer lead - Krusheska Quiros
    • Treasurer - Jordan Jones

Monthly Standing Board Meeting Date

  • The 3rd Tuesday (7-9 pm) of each month was agreed upon for the monthly standing board meeting. (The 4th Tuesday of the month will be the fallback date should the 3rd Tuesday not work in any given month.)