Directors Meeting - 2020-08-20

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Directors meeting minutes for Thursday August 20th 2020 at 7:00pm
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  • Zoom


  • Glen Mitchell
  • Mike Frost
  • Robert Pilkington
  • Rex Brocki
  • Zarah Ahamed
  • Belejeb Santin
  • William Li


  • Glen Mitchell


  • Robert Pilkington


  1. Financial update
  2. Operations update
  3. Staff Update
  4. AGM Planning
  5. Online store update


Financial update

  • In response to a request for more staff from operations.
  • Glen gave a presentation which was based on a financial projection that was requested by Vancity.
  • Glen provided a pessimistic projection and a Optimistic one.
  • The Board agrees that even with the optimistic model that hiring new staff at this point would be not in Free Geeks best interest at this time.

Operations update

  • Mike reported that staff feel overwhelmed.
  • Luke would like to work more in production.
  • Mike is willing to do some evaluation near the dock, and help with receiving.
  • Belejeb needs help and it was agreed that if we get more hours for Will with CSJ that some of that time could be used to help with the store.
  • Tim is volunteering again 2 days a week.

Staff Update

  • Staff need more volunteers.
  • Robert: I asked Mike to give me volunteer job descriptions and I will post them on our email threads.
  • Glen would look at social media requests. If this failed we would look at a bigger volunteer drive.
  • Some production supplies were requested, the board feels if the supplies generate more revenue at no loss to Free Geek they can go ahead, requests should still be submitted to the board for our information.

AGM Planning

  • Announcement membership/mailing list: Robert
  • Announcement social media: Glen
  • Glen and Robert to work on wording as zoom would be the meeting place of choice.
  • Laptops could be loaned to members, who needed them and internet provided at Free Geek.
  • Date decided as 22nd of October 2020.
  • Glen will work on communicating with director applicants.
  • It was decided that the membership should decide if Rex can apply to continue as a board member at large.

Online store update

  • It has been accepted that we will use Helcim as our new POS platform.
  • Glen and Belejeb with help from Will to work on the implementation of the new platform.