Directors Meeting - 2020-06-23

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Directors meeting minutes for Tuesday June 23 2020 at 7:00pm
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  • Zoom


  • Glen Mitchell
  • Mike Frost
  • Robert Pilkington
  • Rex Brocki
  • Zarah Ahamed


  • Glen Mitchell


  • Robert Pilkington


  1. Financial update
  2. Operations: computer donations & volunteers
  3. Reorg proposals
  4. Online store


Financial update

  • Glen - Reviews our Vancity Account, CEWS, and Payroll.

Operations: computer donations & volunteers

  • Operations is ready to start advertising that we are taking incoming e waste donations by next week.
  • It was decided that Luke who knows the value of incoming e-waste, will edit the ‘what we take list’.
  • Operations already has a 3 day staging area in the warehouse and has been taking in donations that have been dropped off, or sending them to the Hackery or Return it dept.
  • Mike: reported that operation has already started bringing volunteers back on a ‘if we need you we will contact you basis', this is also reflected on our website.
  • Operations is switching to ‘yourvolunteers’ to manage volunteers.
  • It was agreed that regular volunteering was to be continued to be suspended until, one: pandemic was no longer a main issue. Two: Free Geek hired a new volunteer coordinator.
  • A volunteer could be asked to help organize the current volunteers.

Reorg proposals

  • Glen: Asked that the proposals, not be set in stone, and given the right circumstances the open help night, and the thrift store could very well return, he also asked that the proposals not be advertised. It was agreed the the proposal should be flexible, and be more a guideline at this point.

Online store

  • POS - Three options:
  1. Helicim - We are already using them as a service provider, they can also provide other services that will benefit us, reasonable rates.
  2. Shopify - Free Geek Toronto, is already using, easy setup, they had to use Square for debit transactions.
  3. Weebly - store integrates with our web-page, uses Square for transactions not the best deal.