Directors Meeting - 2019-05-04

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Directors meeting minutes for Saturday, May 4th 2019 at 10:30am
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  • Joel
  • Michele
  • Glen
  • Brian
  • Robert


  • Karen
  • Mahmoud


  • Michele


  1. Operational Updates
  2. Financial Updates
  3. Marketing/Social Media Committee Updates
  4. HR Consulting
  5. Charity Status
  6. Store Reports
  7. Defining Free Geek Vancouver
  8. Fundraising Committee
  9. Facility Needs Assessment
  10. Recycling


Operational Updates

  • Robert:
    • We had one brownout which damaged a few computers and the printer in the volunteer coordinator area. We got a replacement printer from Mills, and attached it to a surge protector. For safety, we need to replace more power bars with surge protectors.
    • Both exhaust fans have failed. One needs a motor replacement. This needs to be done before summer. Total cost to repair will be about $450.
    • Extra bench areas added to the dismantle areas. Gives more area to work, and limits public access to warehouse.
    • The evaluation area has expanded; Taya has been performing warranty repairs and miscellaneous testing. She has one volunteer who will be assisting her and Stanley.
    • Adrian will be concentrating on desktop build rather than hardware grants.
    • To expedite production, desktops will undergo two QC checks rather than three.
    • There have been issues with service repairs where work was not properly completed. This will be investigated to see how it can be resolved.

Financial Updates

  • Mahmoud:
    • In the first quarter we had a net positive of $1600, compared to $10,000 for Q1 2018.
    • Sales have been a bit lower, and staff wages have increased.
    • Need to balance expenses with revenue.
    • Expenses need to be filed when they’re incurred, even if they’re not paid out immediately.
    • We may be unable to afford CSJ students this year.
  • The Board votes to put a freeze on hiring for any new positions in the next 90 days.

Marketing/Social Media Committee Updates

  • Glen:
    • Mimi is working with an outside group to create Youtube content.
    • Mimi has found volunteers willing to assist with the creation of additional social media content and release it on a schedule.
    • The new website is 98% done. Michele will need to finish copy for two pages. There is some outdated information that will need to be corrected before it goes live.

HR Consulting

  • Joel: We have a lawyer specializing in employment law willing to do some pro-bono work for us; however he has been very busy recently.

Charity Status

  • Board votes to fill application for charity status and investigate if it is the right course for us.
  • The application will be completed by June’s board meeting, where we will vote on whether or not to apply.
  • If the application is approved, we will form an committee to develop the charitable foundation.

Store Reports

  • The Board requests that the store provide a monthly report providing financial information, sales data, and production needs.
  • Michele will discuss this with Mimi and Sara.

Defining Free Geek Vancouver

  • In order to achieve charity status, attract donors and grant providers, and determine a future course for Free Geek, we need to define:
  1. Our mission statement
  2. Our core values
  3. Our vision
  4. What programs we are running
  • Further discussion and planning to occur in the next month.

Fundraising Committee

  • The Board will contact staff and directors with the aim of starting a fundraising committee. The aim will be to run events that will generate additional funds.

Facility Needs Assessment

  • Michele:
    • I have a contact who may be able to help us find a better location.
    • We will need to create a formal facility needs assessment.
    • I will contact Jay and Zahra to obtain details.


  • Due to the declining recycling revenue, we may need to change how we handle electronic waste.
  • Brian to provide details of a downstream recycler that shreds material rather than recycling individual components, and ensure they meet our criteria for ethical recycling.