Directors Meeting - 2019-03-02

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Directors meeting minutes for Saturday, March 2nd 2019 at 10:45am
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  • Joel
  • Michele
  • Glen (Attending Remotely)
  • Brian
  • Rex
  • Robert
  • Mike


  • Mimi
  • Vivian
  • Krista


  • WGQT Tech Support Night
  • Operational Updates
  • Marketing/Social Media Subcommittee Updates
  • Website Discussion
  • Anti-Harassment Policy
  • HR
  • Strategic Planning


WGQT Tech Support Night

Proposal: Implement a tech support night aimed towards women, gender queer, and transgender people.

Mimi will implement this in two phases: information gathering followed by a pilot stage. The pilot will be run once monthly, increased to bi-weekly if there are the personnel to support it. This will take place on a different night than OHN, and will be branded differently.
If a volunteer is found to be in violation of the tech night policies, they will be asked to leave.
Additional training will be provided to volunteers who are interested in joining the program.
Expected time line for pilot: summer.

Vote: approved by consensus.

Joel mentions he would like to see cross-promotion with OHN. Robert would like to see additional training for OHN volunteers if the survey shows that there are existing problems with women being uncomfortable at OHN.

Operational Updates

Taya has been hired as Materials Coordinator.
We are still running volunteer orientations, but there are no open shifts available for new volunteers.
There is a bottleneck in laptop and desktop production. We are looking to hire someone as a laptop production assistant. We need more builders for iMacs.

Marketing/Social Media Subcommittee Updates

Had first meeting to flesh out any ongoing issues. Will be regular monthly meetings TBD. We need branding guidelines and social media guidelines and assembling a living document. Resourcing is an issue. Some of the items, such as a HootSuite Enterprise account, are cost prohibitive ($700/year).
We also do not have time for someone to really commit to social media updates and creating graphics. It would be advisable to bring in a volunteer to help with that. We now have a donation button on our Facebook page.

Website Discussion

We have a professional photographer coming in on March 13 to take staff headshots and provide some additional images for the website.
Joel and Glen to help Adrian finish the website; they will connect after March 13.

Anti-Harassment Policy

We need to look at our existing policies and use them to create an updated, comprehensive anti-harassment policy. This needs to include specific guidelines on language and the opportunity to provide training. Vivian is working on a draft.

Karen, Robert, and Vivian have created an HR Committee and are taking courses on how to deal with difficult HR situations. They are also updating the handbook.

Michele would like to have a volunteer ombudsperson and will look into reaching out to the membership as an option. Robert suggests MediateBC as a resource as well. Vivian recommends bringing in someone to the Board who specializes in anti-harassment and mediation.


The lack of employee contracts is a potential issue.

Joel and Vivian will reach out to pro bono lawyers who specialize in employment law.
Robert and Vivian looking into diversity speakers to provide training for staff and directors.
Joel recommends we have guidelines on how we communicate with each other and with the public.

Proposal: Board to add an item to the 2020 budget to hire a part-time HR/PR staff person, subject to practicality.
Vote: approved by consensus.

Strategic Planning

Need to decide on goals for next six months, next year, next two years, next five years. From there, we decide what actionable items are going to be taken and who will be responsible for them.

First item is to create a committee that will work on drafting a business plan and then look at delegating; engage with staff and Board via email. Brian suggests bringing in someone who has experience in writing a business plan.

Vivian can write a business plan for the store.

Michele to speak to someone about additional space that we can use.
Mike notes that we should prioritize what we can do cheap/easy without needing to rely on outside forces. He also asks to invite our accountant to the next Board-Staff meeting.

Joel will speak to Sean and Irene from Vancity about additional assistance we can get from them.

We need to have someone to canvass businesses to solicit more donations; this may have to be a paid position.

Closing Comments

Next meetings:
Staff-Board Meeting: Saturday, April 6 9:30AM
Board Meeting: Saturday, April 6 10:45AM