Directors Meeting - 2019-01-05

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Directors meeting minutes for Saturday, January 5th 2019 at 10:45am
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  • Joel
  • Michele
  • Christopher
  • Rex
  • Robert
  • Mike
  • Taya


  • Linus Tech Expo 2019
  • Board Recruitment
  • 2019 Budget
  • First Aid Training
  • Board-Staff Communication


Linus Tech Expo

Linus has notified interested parties that they need to start planning now if they want to join. This event will take place on July 27 & 28 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.
Taya, Sara, and Lucas to follow up.

Board Recruitment

Athenaise decided to leave the Board in late December. Board will contact membership and ask for interim help while we recruit new Directors.
Roles will be shuffled: Joel to act as interim Board President, and Michele to act as interim Vice-President. Chris will step in as interim Secretary, and Glen will join the treasury subcommittee. These roles may become permanent depending on suitability and time constraints.

2019 Budget

Michele is 99% finished, and will be able to finish by the end of next week with a few extra details.
Proposal: continue to put money aside each month into contingency funds that will pay for special or expensive purchases, and staff incentives.
Action: approved by consensus.
Robert also proposes, as a staff incentive, that all staff receive a set amount of store credit to use after each year of employment. Specific plans to be reviewed and decided on.

First Aid Training

Adrian is currently the only person with First Aid Training; Robert will need to retake the course.
Robert to make sure that we have a third first aider, and that all staff have training to administer Naxalone.

Board-Staff Communication

Board and staff want to improve communication between the groups. It is agreed that when the Board makes a motion that will affect staff, they need to tell Robert (or Mike in his absence) who will communicate it to staff.