Directors Meeting - 2018-10-27

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Directors meeting minutes for Saturday, October 27th 2018 at 10:45am
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  • Athenaise
  • Joel
  • Michele
  • Glen
  • Christopher
  • Rex
  • Mike


  • T-Shirt Quotes
  • Board Training
  • Reinvention Strategy
  • Improving Inclusiveness
  • Outreach
  • Marketing Plans
  • Board-Staff Meetings
  • 2019 Budget


T-Shirt Quotes

Michele working on getting a quote for t-shirts in multiple styles. Will be ordered when the budget allows.

Board Training

Athenaise will be seeking third party training to help the directors improve their skills and ensure that everyone is financially literate. She will be talking to Karen and Michele to look into funding, and following up on action items delivered to Scott (such as training through the VanCity Community Foundation.)

Reinvention Strategy

We are waiting to hear back from Siena about the formation of an advisory board. Athenaise will follow up with Scott and our contacts from Siena.
The job role and requirements for a Senior Manager still need to be decided upon.

Improving Inclusiveness

Christopher recommends taking action that will make Free Geek a more inclusive place. He will be discussing the use of gender-neutral language in official documents with Flo. Christopher will also be looking into diversity or anti-discrimination training, as well as forming a sub-committee to discuss ways to improve the organization.


Joel to try connecting with the Burnaby and Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce.
Michele to look at existing marketing material to bring into MLA offices, community centres, etc.
Mike suggests staff take point on creating materials.

Marketing Plans

Glen is working on getting a handle on business objectives, and will be working on the creation of a marketing plan following that.

Board-Staff Meetings

Staff would like to resume these meetings, with the primary focus being on reinvention and growth. It's suggested that we have one quarterly.

2019 Budget

Michele will be meeting with Volker to get his records. Draft budget to be done by the end of November, with a final version being done by the end of year. Athenaise will assist.