Directors Meeting - 2018-10-06

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Directors meeting minutes for Saturday, October 6th 2018 at 10:30am
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  • Michele
  • Athenaise
  • Christopher
  • Joel
  • Mike
  • Brian
  • Robert


  • Hire For Small Device Testing
  • Title Change
  • Outreach
  • Role Designation


Hire For Small Device Testing

Proposal: hire one person who will work 8 hours/week to test and repair tablets, phones, and other small devices. This position will help us maintain regular inventory and increase revenue. This was piloted during the CSJ term and was successful.
Action: Directors to look at finances, and will approve hire if

Title Change

Proposal: Robert wants title to recognize the tasks that he performs here. Staff approve of this change.
Action: Board will look at Robert's roles and responsibilities, and make a review.


Katarina to look into Greenest City Grant. Requirements to be released in December.
Athenaise and Mike commit to searching for like-minded organizations to liase with and begin expanding our network.

Role Designation

Michele: Secretary, Treasurer
Glen: Marketing (Treasurer backup)
Athenaise: Chair (Board Lead)
Joel: Vice-Chair
Christopher: Director-At-Large w/ focus on HR
Rex: Director-At-Large

Closing Comments

It is suggested that Board meetings take place on Saturday mornings.