Directors Meeting - 2018-07-20

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Directors meeting minutes for Friday, July 20th 2018 at 7:00pm
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  • Scott B
  • Volker S
  • Michele W


  • Christopher W
  • Mike F
  • Brian D
  • Adrian W


  • Scott B


  • Michele W


  1. Staff Topics
  2. Director Recruitment
  3. Volunteer Coordinator Hire
  4. Director Training
  5. Insurance
  6. New Director
  7. Volunteer Certification
  8. Financials


Staff Topics

  • Mike:
    • It was suggested we could contact other charities and see if they will collect hardware donations on our behalf and give tax receipts in exchange for a fee. The Vancouver City Foundation was one name I heard.
    • We should drop some literature off at our MLAs offices: people are contacting those offices to see where they can donate computers.
  • Michele: We should redesign the current cards. They're cluttered and hard to read.
  • Adrian: At Netsquared we met a number of people from other NPOs. Even NPOs with little in common are interested in supporting each other.

Director Recruitment

  • Michele to advertise Board of Director positions on Charity Village.

Volunteer Coordinator Hire

  • Scott: We've hired a new Volunteer Coordinator. I’d like to thank Karen and Rob for all their hard work on the hiring committee.

Director Training

  • Scott: Sean from Vancity wants to come in to do a field study and give the Directors a presentation on being more business savvy.
  • Michele: I’ll set up a Doodle poll to schedule a time for this.


  • Mike and Karen to look into insurance policy needed for partnership with Vancouver.

New Director

  • Christopher Wolff elected to the board to serve as HR Lead by consensus.

Volunteer Certification

  • Scott: I’d like to have a system where there’s an end goal besides the build program. Some sort of credential or certification program.
  • Volker: We could give a transcript stating what our volunteers have learned. They could use it for job applications.


  • Volker: Right now we have a balloon fund open to repay our loan from VanCity Foundation. Staff have worked extra hard to keep operating costs low. We do not have to pull our GIC to pay for operating costs.