Directors Meeting - 2018-06-08

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Directors meeting minutes for Friday, June 8th 2018 at 6:30pm
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  • Scott B
  • Michele W


  • Mimi


  • Scott B


  • Michele W


  1. Bylaws
  2. HOPE Conference
  3. Savings Account
  4. Staff Benefits
  5. Resignations



  • Michele:
    • I've completed the changes to the draft bylaws suggested by staff and directors. Mike Frost reviewed on behalf of staff. Will send to membership to read once the Board signs off on it. I'm working on a summary of changes to show to the membership.
    • I'd like to propose that all current members will be considered in good standing for this vote. It will make the transition smoother, since all members not in good standing will be removed from the membership after the bylaws are passed, and we are not giving people enough time to put in hours.

Proposal approved by consensus.

HOPE Conference

  • Genevieve given permission to speak as representative for Free Geek at HOPE Conference in NYC.

Savings Account

  • Proposal to allow Karen to open savings account for loan repayment to VanCity approved by consensus.

Staff Benefits

  • Staff concerned that wages and benefits have not changed since 2013, even for senior members of staff.
  • Christopher W potentially joining as HR director - will ask him to investigate.
  • At this time, Board does not feel there is enough money to increase wages or vacation pay, but is open to other options to help staff.


  • Khaled will be resigning in July. Another staff member will be hired to act as volunteer coordinator and help train.