Directors Meeting - 2018-04-13

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Directors meeting minutes for Friday, April 13th 2018 at 6:30pm
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  • Scott B
  • Rex B
  • Volker S
  • Michele W


  • Mike F
  • Robert P
  • Karen N


  • Scott B


  • Michele W


  1. Bylaws
  2. Grants
  3. Volunteering
  4. Shred-It
  5. Invoices



  • Scott: We'd like to hold a second Q&A session with Kerry to address any questions that have come up regarding the bylaws.
  • Robert: After that, Michele will create a committee to work the draft into a final version, correct?
  • Scott: Yes. The committee needs to sell it to the membership.
  • Karen: Other than the bylaws, does Siena have any outstanding work?
  • Scott: No.
  • Robert: People might have problems with the term “corporation”. It’s just a legal term for a group of people.
  • Scott: I was hoping to change it to something like “organizational members”.
  • Robert: If you look up the definition of a corporation, it suggests a lot of additional terms.
  • Volker: I recommend keeping the term “corporate”. We want potential donors or partners to look at our bylaws and see something familiar and understandable.
  • Michele: I think the biggest problem the membership might have is a lack of being able to assist in policy decisions.
  • Mike: Have they done that recently?
  • Michele: We held policy meetings about the definition of consensus, and updating the ban policy in 2015.
  • Scott: If members want to participate in that, they should join a committee or join the Board.
  • Mike: Is there any homework we need to be doing before the Q&A session? For example, going through the comments and flagging the ones we’re most concerned about.
  • Scott: I think that’s the best idea.
  • Robert: We can have people send two sets of comments: one designed for Kerry, and one designed the committee. Kerry can handle the major points, the committee can micro-manage.
  • Volker: If we continue having a good relationship with Siena, they might be open to reviewing the bylaws once the committee finishes.
  • Scott: I’m looking to have the Q&A done next week.
  • Michele: I’d like to hold the vote at the end of May. That gives us time to explain things to the membership, and for them to get some volunteer time in if needed.
  • Scott: Per our bylaws, we need 2/3 majority vote to pass the bylaws.
  • Mike: Isn’t it 75%?
  • Scott: We don’t define super-majority, so it falls to the definition of the current Society Act.
  • Mike: We should send out a information package along with the draft bylaws so they know why we’re making these changes.


  • Mike: I went to our MLA to ask for assistance with appealing the Gaming Grant decision, and they said they weren’t able to assist us. The appeal is due by the 19th. Adrian has written one, and I’ll be reviewing it.
  • Karen: We should know if we get the CSJ grant by the end of April.
  • Mike: The BCLC didn’t disagree with Open Help Night being a service that is eligible, so hopefully we can get some money for that.


  • Robert:
    • Since we reduced the number of volunteers we can have in one day, we’re making a shift from being a recycling centre to a reuse centre.
    • We don’t have room in wire cutting, because we have a set number of volunteers who do it already, and there’s no room.
    • This means we won’t be able to accommodate volunteers who cannot perform small dismantle. If volunteers are referred from agencies for PWDs, I’ll conduct an interview to ensure they’re comfortable with the work here.


  • Karen:
    • We’re locked into a contract with them until 2020. I’ve had problems with the employees who come to pick up, because they won’t sign a sign-in sheet and I pay them monthly without knowing if they’ve even showed up. We hardly have anything to shred anymore. The staff have asked how much it would cost us to get out of the contract. Does the board have any problems with that?
  • [Consensus: Directors vote to get out of contract when possible.]
  • Volker: I can help find out the cost.


  • Karen: We have three invoice requests that the staff want done by June. They total $600, but they are best guesses. Is it unfair to ask staff to get specific quotes, including tax, recycling fees, etc?
  • Michele: I think that’s fair.
  • Karen: It's been suggested that in order to pay off future requests, I create a contingency fund that gets added to each week. Do the directors have any problems with that?
  • [Consensus: Directors vote for the creation of petty cash box.]