Directors Meeting - 2018-03-23

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Directors meeting minutes for Friday, March 23rd 2018 at 6:30pm
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  • Scott B
  • Rex B
  • Volker S
  • Michele W


  • Khaled K


  • Scott B


  • Michele W


  1. Finances
  2. Bylaws
  3. Charitable Arm
  4. Hard Drive Wiping Changes



  • Volker:
    • Mahmoud sent February’s numbers yesterday. We didn’t meet his projections for sales revenue, but staff have been conservative with expenses.
    • We may have to cash in the remainder of our GIC in May in order to be able to pay our expenses. There are 3 pay periods in May, and our projection assumes we will have interns.
    • Considering we do not receive CSJ funds until the fall, would it hurt us to not have interns?
  • Khaled: Over the last few years, we’ve regularly had interns in desktop build. We have not had anyone from the YMCA or YWCA for a while, and production is low.
  • Michele: Having good interns is a tremendous help.
  • Volker: CC merchant fees are up: I’m looking into why.
  • Michele: We may have early cancellation fees with Chase.
  • Volker: We did not get the gaming grant. I thought the quality was good. Adrian wants to appeal. Katarina has been asked to help. Mike has considered going to our MLA.
  • Scott: Who issues this grant?
  • Michele: BCLC.


  • Khaled: Michael came in this morning. He has concerns about the bylaws, particularly about needing more protection for staff. Mike will send an email about it.
  • Michele:
    • I regret being unable to attend, but I have some concerns, especially with the part about corporations being members.
    • Once staff give feedback and we have a second draft, I will take it to the membership.
  • Rex: Do we have enough time?
  • Michele: We have until November.
  • Scott: We may be able to vote electronically on this.
  • Michele: I don't think we can - we should double check.

Charitable Arm

  • Khaled: Since we are re-writing our bylaws, I would like a part in there that makes it easier to establish a charitable arm. We can’t mention a store or anything like that. I have been hoping to get in contact with Kerry, but have not been able to do so.
  • Scott: I will contact him and let them know.
  • Rex: Our legal adviser told us that there was so many loopholes in opening a charitable organization that it wasn’t worth it. This information is two years out of date, however. Maybe the new Societies Act is more permissive. Staff members can’t issue receipts – it would have to be a member of the FGV charity.
  • Volker: We need to move to accommodate more donations that would come from being a charity.

Hard Drive Wiping Changes

  • Khaled:
    • We’re planning on no longer having volunteers in the hard drive wiping station, and using software and a RAID array to wipe discs: this way we can set ourselves up as a certified data destroyer. The cost of the software is $300. Will have to verify if one-time or per year.
    • We would still have to destroy drives we couldn’t access.
  • Rex: How much would a small shredder cost?
  • Scott: The upkeep cost on that could be high.
  • Michele: Is our puncher not good enough to meet the rules?
  • Rex: Data can still be recovered.
  • Scott: It takes a lot of money to recover data from a shattered drive. Most people don’t care.
  • Michele: When I went to FG PDX in 2015, they talked about having to meet a lot of specific rules to get certified as a data destroyer. They used a small mechanical puncher, though.
  • Volker: If we can’t wipe the drive, we could give it back.
  • Michele: Or punch it in front of them.