Directors Meeting - 2018-02-22

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Directors meeting minutes for Thursday, February 22 2018 at 6:30pm
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  • Scott B
  • Michele W
  • Volker S


  • Brian D


  • Scott B


  • Michele W


  1. Recycling Council of BC
  2. Expenses
  3. Recruiting New Directors
  4. Bylaws
  5. Finances


Recycling Council of BC

  • Scott: Do we want to ditch our RCBC membership? We pay $170/year and don’t really get any benefits out of it.

Vote: 3 yeas. Motion passes.


  • Scott: Karen is worried about expenses. She doesn’t want staff to hand her an invoice for something that they’ve paid for already.
  • Volker: We should have a process where people need to explain why they are purchasing something. There will need to be one person who approves it.
  • Scott: Whether or not Karen is the final person, she needs to be informed of all purchases.
  • Michele: Staff need to be informing each other when they have expenses.
  • Scott: As a temporary cost saving measure, all purchases need to be pre-approved by Karen.

Recruiting New Directors

  • Michele: I'll be writing an ad saying we're seeking new Board members and posting it around.


  • Scott: Kerry was working on the bylaws. He has created a first draft, based on a mashup of our existing bylaws and the template the government provided.
    • I’d like to propose that the board and senior staff meet with Kerry so he can ask us some questions to fine-tune things.
  • Michele: I’ll put a Doodle poll out for the timing.


  • Volker: In January we had a net income of nearly $800.
  • Brian: Over the holidays, we received a lot of MacBooks, which helped us with revenue.
  • Volker: I’ve paid Mahmoud to finish a cash flow projection for the next six months. We will be passing that onto Siena so they can finish their recommendations.