Directors Meeting - 2017-10-15

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Directors meeting minutes for Sunday, October 15 2017 at 4pm
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  • Scott B
  • Rex B
  • Volker S
  • Michele W
  • Diane R


  • Scott B


  • Michele W


  1. Financial Report
  2. HR Discussion
  3. Credit Card Processor
  4. Meetings with 2600
  5. Closing Remarks


Financial Report

  • Volker:
    • I just got August’s numbers. We’re $2000 in the red this month.
    • I am expecting to be about $10,000 in the red this fiscal year.
    • I am concerned about the expenses. We have $3300 owed to Siena in November. Next year there will be more large expenses; the remaining $3300 to Siena in January, as well as a $5000 repayment to Vancity in March.
    • We have saved some money on reduced expenses. Rent has been renegotiated and has gone down.
    • We would be more in the hole if not for the grant from Vancity. I’d recommend looking more into grant writing.
    • The only way we can cut costs is through payroll, but that will affect our ability to create new revenue streams.
    • We should be soliciting donations during OHN and asking corporations to donate their computers. Ideally, a marketing director could help us with this.
    • To break even over the next 6 months, we would have to make an additional $2400 per month.
    • Karen wanted to know if it would make a difference to keep the store open for an extra week before Christmas.
  • Michele: In my experience, that wouldn’t be worth it. Tim tried this in 2013, I believe, and sales were very slow. It also puts a lot of additional stress on the people working the store.
  • Diane: Is there enough money to cover expenses such as payroll and rent?
  • Volker: Currently, yes.

HR Discussion

  • Diane: Would it be useful to have a number of staff who are responsible for making hire decisions? There should be the same protocol used each time.
  • Scott: We need to identify who can fill in for tasks if someone is unable to come in.
  • Diane: It would be helpful to note who is doing what task now.
  • Volker: There are courses available on It’s run by Linked In. You can get access through Vancouver Public Library. This would be useful for staff who want additional training.


Who What When
Scott & Diane Ask staff what tasks they're performing that are not part of their job. Over next month.
Scott & Diane Ask staff to fill out skills matrix. Over next month.
Michele Look into planning quarterly meetings between staff and board. ASAP

Credit Card Processor


Who What When
Board Approve termination of contract with Chase and move to another provider as proposed. Now

Meetings with 2600

  • Rex: Genevieve wants to plan a meeting with 2600 one Friday each month. Will the Board endorse this?


Who What When
Board Endorse monthly meetings with 2600. Now

Closing Remarks

  • The board wishes to commend Genevieve on her great proposals.
  • Next meeting to be scheduled mid-late November.