Directors Meeting - 2017-03-16

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Directors meeting minutes for March 16th, 2017 at 6:30pm
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Minutes of the Free Geek Vancouver Directors' meeting held on Thursday March 16th, 2017, 6:30pm at the Free Geek Vancouver Facility

Call To Order

Meeting commenced at 6:30, Jonathan facilitating and taking minutes


Nigel Cornwell (Pres), Rex Brocki (VP), Cindy Liu (Treas) George Rosenberg (Marketing), Cori Peterson (Volunteers), Jonathan Marks (Sec),


Previous Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting Februry 16th, 2017 were adopted unanimously without changes

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes


The 10K grant from Vancity has not been deposited into our account.

Bob Prenovost from Propeller Consulting is working with us on behalf of Vancity. This is seen as a good thing for in addition to the consulting advice and guidance it is an additional communication conduit between Vancity and ourselves. Bob has inside knowledge of both organizations and can facility appropriate communications and make recommendations.

Marketing Strategy Progess

George to review the marketing plan that was drawn up a few years ago and update it to be relevant.

George has signed up FGV as members of the Vancouver Board of Trade. This gives us access to over 500 members to approach for computer donations. George is going find out about getting on the Advocacy Committee to promote the re-purposing and recycling of e-waste.

Mills Basic Relationship

First e-waste pick up was scheduled for the first week of March. As of March 16th, we have not received any e-waste from Mills.

Zero Waste Council

Nigel proceeding with developing this relationship.

Laptop Art Project

All laptops have been shipped, six local artists toured FGV's facility. The seventh artist resided in Nelson and is a movie prop designer. Awaiting on artists to return their artistic renditions, and bio's of of the intended owners.

Financial Report

Compared with Jan 2016, sales, combined retail and whole, for the month was $8000 higher. All expenses, except for payroll, stayed about same. Due to a few special reasons, we spent 23% more on payroll. These reasons included starting to pay Desktop Assistant position (used to be an intern) and a second person working in the store, and needing more hours for technical support.

Overall, we had a $2882 loss for the month, but $4000 better than Jan 2016.

Total funds in the bank (all accounts) decreased from $43k at end of Dec to $41k as of Jan 31, 2017.

New Business

City of Vancouver Recycling Events

The Trout Lake recycling event was a great success, in addition to a number of computer boxes we received 60 laptops, 4 big TV screens, and an old desk calculator circa. ~1970's at a conservatively estimated value of $7,000. Expenses for the event amounted to $500, for rentals, etc, and an extra $100 honorarium for the City's volunteers.

There are future events:

  • Sat, Apr 22nd, 10am to 1pm @ Dunbar Community Centre Parking lot.
  • Sat, May 6th, 10am to 2pm @ Sunrise Square Parking lot.

Store Hours

We need to be particular about our new extended store hours, and stick to them. Nigel is working with staff on this.


Mary Childs (lawyer) clarified what is involved in becoming a charity. There is no issue in forming a charitable organization so long as we set up our objectives appropriately. Nigel to pick up the threads from the previous efforts and proceed forward.

Kwantlan College

Through the Richmond Chamber Jonathan spoke to some students on Kwantlen's Entrep. BBA program. There was an interest in some students to consult to FGV as part of their final year practicum. At this stage a FYI, no students have come forward yet. It appears to be a bit like what SAP was offering except less formal more entrepreneurial focused.

Move to Adjourn

The meeting adjourned at 7:45p, next meeting is on Thurs, April 20th, 6:30pm at FGV's facility.