Directors Meeting - 2016-11-17

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Directors meeting minutes for November 17th, 2016 at 6:30pm
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Minutes of the Free Geek Vancouver Director’s meeting held on Thursday November 17th, 2016, 6:30pm at the Free Geek Vancouver Facility


  1. Call to Order
  2. Previous Minutes
  3. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes
    1. Promotions (Mugs, badges, poster competition)
    2. Bank signing authority
    3. Marketing Strategy
      1. Impact to revenue of reclaimed computers being granted to other non-profits
      2. Priorities - Retail and Grants
      3. Agreement on stretch revenue target for 2017
    4. SAP Social Engagement - response required by Nov 22nd.
  4. Financial Report
  5. New Matters
    1. IT Conference - Contact Follow up (Nigel)
    2. Employment and Contracting - what should it be? (Jon)
    3. UBC Mentoring Projects (Jon)
    4. Zero Waste Conference - Report (Nigel)
    5. Relationship with Computer for Schools (Nigel)
    6. Laptop Refurbishment Project (Nigel)
  6. Move to Adjourn

Call To Order

Meeting commenced at 6:45pm, Jonathan facilitating and taking minutes


  • Nigel Cornwall (Pres)
  • Rex Brochi (VP)
  • George Rosenberg (Marketing)
  • Cori Petersen (Volunteers)
  • Jonathan Marks (Sec)


  • Cindy Liu (Tres)

Previous Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting, October 20th, 2016 were adopted unanimously without changes.

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

Promotions (Mugs, badges, T-shirts

Promotional material looks good, Thanks to all involved.

Bank signing authority

The following people have cheque signing authority. Any two signatories are required:

  • Nigel Cornwall
  • Cindy Liu - In process, Cindy to coordinate with Karen
  • Adrian Wong
  • Mike Frost

Per the Bylaws, any director can enter into an agreement on behalf of the organization, however all directors are to be advised and their needs to be majority director agreement.

Marketing Strategy

Impact to revenue of reclaimed computers being granted to other non-profits

To improve the visibility of the value of the donations/grants of reclaimed computers the directors advise processing all reclaimed computers through the store. The true value of the computer is listed on the invoice together with the applied FGV subsidy, and processed in our accounting system, even if the resulting invoice is zero value. This way FGV can keep track of all computer movements, revenue and subsidies. This information is required when applying for grants. Nigel to work on this with respective Staff.


Retail We know that ~50% of revenue comes from Desktop and Laptop sales, with laptops and high end desktops contributing the most. FGV can significantly increase revenue by increasing reclaimed laptop and high end desktop sales.

Grants Rex and Mike are working on the Google Impact Challenge Grant, due on Nov 26th. The directors advise that if we get this (one off) grant, that it be applied to expansion and growth of the FGV. If it is applied to operational expenses, then it will just get consumed and FGV will have nothing to show for it. The organization, even if it is a non profit needs to be self sustaining, as it has been till now.

Agreement on stretch revenue target for 2017

Based on past performance, the directors see an additional $75K on top of the final revenue number for 2016 as being achievable.

It was noted that a Revenue objective is not all encompassing. FGV Directors and Staff must not lose sight of our other values which are environmental, and community involvement and support. Nigel to facilitate staff coming up with their environmental and community objectives for 2017 in January.

SAP Social Engagement

Nigel and Jonathan met with SAP/Pyxera representatives. They appeared very interested in our organization. We still need to register our interest and submit 1 - 3 "real work" proposals. Jonathan has asked Michele for her input on "real work" proposals in addition to revenue from operations and business engagement.

Financial Report

The board reviewed the financial position and are satisfied that the organization is functioning well.

New Matters

Promotion of diverting electronic waste on public transport buses

Rex is in process of getting in touch with the correct people in Coast Mountain Bus Company.

Employment and Contracting

Jonathan has found out that all staff are employees and that there are no contractors. In addition to what is covered in the BC employment standards act FGV wants to cover in their employment agreement:

  • a period of employment before extended benefits kick in separate to the 3 month probationary period covered by the ESA.
  • a employment term, which may be indefinite, a fixed number of months or a fixed number of years.

Jonathan to work with Kelly to draw up an appropriate employment agreement for FGV to use.

UBC Mentoring Projects

Resulting from some networking from the SAP Social Engagement people, we have been introduced to a projects coordinator at UBC looking to give grade six and seven students some exposure to computer hardware and how computers work. Jonathan is pursuing this and will involve directors and staff as appropriate. . . Watch this space.

Zero Waste Conference Report Back

There were over 350 delegates at this conference put on by Vancouver Port Authority. Nigel to work with Vancouver Port Authority to make a presentation at the next Zero Waste Conference.

Computers For Schools

Nigel met with people from the Computers For Schools, a federal government led organization. They are happy to support our initiative. Nigel to pursue strengthening our relationship with the view to future collaboration.

Laptop Refubishment Project

In a pilot project with Pipa Lattey, it is proposed that FGV provide 7 laptops to artists through Pipa to engrave and ink art on Laptop casings, and guarantee the artists $200 each for their efforts in creating unique one of a kind - collectible laptop art. The directors support this initiative, it would be nice if it could coincide with FGV's 10th anniversary.

FGV Xmas Party - Staff and Directors

The Storm Crow was proposed as a venue. Nigel to organize and advise.

Non Profit Poster Contest - Techsoup Canada & Adobe

Cori is creating a poster for this competition. Deadline is November 26th.

Relationship with Mills Basics

George and Robert working on this.

Millennium Launch Academy

Cori to attend their inaugural TECHCON 2016 Conference. Millennium is a youth led not-for-profit organization with goals to empower youth through STEM skills.

Move to Adjourn

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm. Next meeting to be held on December 15th, 2016 and FGV's facility.