Directors Meeting - 2016-05-24

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Directors meeting minutes for Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 at 6:30pm
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  • Rex B
  • Nigel C
  • Michael D
  • Caelin M
  • Chenessa M


  • Nigel C


  • Michael D


  1. PC/Laptop production
  2. Marketing
  3. HR
  4. Commits follow ups


PC/Laptop production

  • Nigel:
    • I have been concerned about sales numbers. I hate being the numbers guy. According to store reports, Desktop sales have not risen at the same rate as Laptop.
    • I will get more numbers to better ascertain the situation.


  • Nigel: Ashraf has designed some badges for us. There are 9 colour variations based on our existing logo. I have ordered 100 each of 1.5” badges. They should be a good marketing item. We could sell them for $1, and give them away at events.
  • Caelin: Looked into getting an x-banner. Two kinds I'm looking at, one is $150, the other $190. For $20 extra, you can upgrade the material quality. The one that's more expensive rolls up, and the cheaper one is held by corner gromets. The cheaper one's base also takes up more space. The non-economy ones are far too big.
  • Rex: The transit posters are starting to disappear. When can we do them next?
  • Caelin: We'll need to wait until next year.
  • Nigel: I have ordered 5000 more green stickers for computers.


(in camera)

Commits follow-ups

  • Michael:
    • I talked to staff about counting incoming donations again. They were amenable.
    • I talked to Adrian and Michele about systems administration. Tyler has given them both access to most systems. Adrian and I will be looking into long-term solutions.
  • Nigel: I gave Michele a blurb of the original blueprint of our t-shirt for marketing styling. I have started a more definitive document to outline our intended styling in more detail.

Closing Remarks

Proposed Date for Next Meeting

  • Mid-June