Directors Meeting - 2016-03-22

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Directors meeting minutes for Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 at 6:30pm
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  • Rex B
  • Nigel C
  • Michael D
  • Caelin M
  • Chenessa M


  • Nigel C


  • Michael D


  1. 2016 Budget
  2. Ads and Marketing
  3. Thursday Morning Filming and Radio
  4. Conflict Resolution Proposal


2016 Budget

  • Nigel:
    • Monthly average income has been consistently increasing. The budget plans for a 40% increase in store revenue. Would need to sell roughly 600 desktops over the year. Michele very happy with having an assistant.
    • Total spent on salaries will be roughly 40% over last year. Last year, we only spent 2/5 of our budgeted advertising allowance. We spent almost none of our outreach allowance.
    • We've started to buy items to refurbish things that are missing key parts (HDs, batteries). Last year, $1500 spent on laptop batteries, added to cost of the machine being sold. Worth it, as the machines wouldn’t sell otherwise.
  • Michael: Have we any deals going on with local retailers to buy parts at wholesale?
  • Nigel: None at the moment, but I’ll look into it.


Who What When
Board Consensus: Approve the 2016 Budget. Now

Ads and Marketing

  • Nigel: Printing the bus shelter ads will cost at most $1500. Must be printed on special paper.
  • Caelin: Spoken to multiple print places, received a gamut of costs. Met with person who designed our recent t-shirts to design some posters.
  • Nigel: Two high-level goals with posters: get our name out there, and let people know what we do.
  • Rex/Michael: I would like to see the tagline rewritten.
  • Michael: We could use pictographs like some high-end designs you see on the Skytrain. “Idiot in a hurry”-type image association.
  • Nigel:
    • Will be talking with designer on Friday. Final design due April 2nd.
    • UBC survey we did found that most people knew about us by word of mouth.

Thursday Morning Filming and Radio

  • Rex: On Thursday morning 10am-12pm, we will have a 2-hour window at a studio to record a 1-hour radio show, for the Saturday morning show called “Make a better world.” So far I have 2 volunteers and 1 staff who will help me speak. Cori will be filming an “Our Vancouver” segment for CBC that same morning.
  • Michael: Do we have a list of terms to use/avoid?
  • Rex: I will keep the show in check.

Conflict Resolution Training Proposal

  • Chenessa: Staff and board have varied opinions on conflict resolution. We should all be on the same page about it. None of the staff have had training for it. I recommend engaging some conflict resolution training for staff + board.
  • Nigel: Estimated cost?
  • Chenessa: Estimated about $1000 per day.
  • Michael: I think it would be a very good idea. Might want to consider writing in conflict resolution as an aspect of expected staff performance.

Closing Remarks

Proposed Date for Next Meeting

  • Mid-April