Directors Meeting - 2016-01-10

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Directors meeting minutes for Sunday, January 10th, 2016 at 6:30pm
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  • Rex B
  • Nigel C
  • Michael D
  • Caelin M
  • Chenessa M


  • Nigel C


  • Michael D


  1. Reports
  2. Finances
  3. New Jobs/Proposal To Hire
  4. Recycling
  5. New Premises
  6. Christmas Party Overtime



  • Caelin: I completed the application for the transit shelter ads. Pending acceptance, the period will be between April-May. Came across another ad opportunity: 2 video screens at the corner of Granville and Robson that loop ads all day. The spot would be 10 seconds, without sound. Requires a separate application.
  • Rex: I found a community poster kiosk at Commercial and Hastings. Why don't we have an ad there?
  • Nigel: We need to make sure we understand whether it's part of the the Strathcona Business Association or the Eastside one. I'll find out more about the kiosk.
  • Michael: Will we be able to renew the bus shelter ads in the future?
  • Caelin: Not sure; will look into it.
  • Rex: Will the ads be up for Earth Day?
  • Caelin: The ads will up for 6 weeks, but there's no guarantee we'll get the week of Earth Day. They prioritise and choose the timeslots. Staff had some volunteer poster work done, but the results weren't sufficient to use.
  • Michael:
    • Our first open meeting will be on Tuesday, 2016/01/12.
    • In contact with lawyer with regards to potential membership Bylaw updates, as well as prepping for the 2016 Society Act.


  • Nigel:
    • Final internal figures for 2016 are done. The numbers won't be set in stone until our accountant generates report.
    • Sales went as predicted. Wholesale was down, retail was up, waiting on circuit board shipment.
    • Attended outreach at startup motherboard recycling plant in Surrey. Uses ore refining techniques to process circuit boards.
  • Michael: They will need to be ethically certified for us to use them.
  • Nigel:
    • In contact with a [major bank] organiser who knows some city councillors. Trying to gain an audience and form a contact.
    • Laptops and desktops = 50% of our income, just as we found in the middle of 2015.
    • In contact with alternative recycling organisation on Main Street for them to collect for us and promote us.

New Jobs/Proposal To Hire

  • Nigel: We have an official new hire: Roxana in laptops, 4 days a week. She will potentially be helping out in other parts of the building.
    • Michele has a proposal, job description, and ad for a store assistant position.
    • Rex believes his daughter Cori would be suitable for the position.
  • Rex: There are issues with hiring Cori at the moment due to her American citizenship status. We will need to make a special application to the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) for a job position for an extranational, that Cori is uniquely suited to fill.
  • Michael: I am concerned and am uncomfortable with this: there's a conflict of interest; what happens if application doesn't work; what if Cori is not a good fit?
  • Rex:
    • According to CIC, most of the job applications are for family of a member of the organisation that's application, so there's no conflict of interest.
    • Application is $1000. Proposal is for FG to front the cost. Cori would volunteer in the store full time until the application passes, then pay it off in her first paycheques.
  • Chenessa: I have seen first-hand this application process with a person close to me. It is not guaranteed. It would be nice if this pans out, but I am concerned about what will happen if the application fails.
  • Nigel: The difficulty is that the job must unique in that only Cori can fill it.
  • Rex: I will pay FG directly out of pocket if the application fails.


Who What When
Rex Will write a proposal plan to pay for Cori's application, then hire her. Will send it to Chenessa for approval, then pass on to rest of Board for approval. Once passed by the Board, will be sent to Staff. Within the week

New Premises

  • Nigel: A warehouse across the street is available for rent. Our warehouse is roughly $11/sq ft, whereas this one is $10/sq foot. It's almost twice as big as ours, and more modern. It would pan out to about $2000 extra per month. There would be no upfront cost. $2000 per month is roughly the same as a new hire.
  • Michael: We might want to balance out what's more valuable to us right now.
  • Chenessa: A move might take a while and be expensive.
  • Caelin: We really need the extra space. Aren't we near capacity, even in terms of staff space?
  • Nigel: I will make an appointment to visit the building.
  • Rex: I propose bringing a staff and another Director along. Mike F and Michael D?

Christmas Party Overtime

  • Chenessa: The Staff were seeking approval/clarification for Christmas party overtime work, for whether it should be TOIL or overtime.
  • Nigel: The Board and Staff should defer to precedent: Staff have self-approved overtime in the past.
  • Michael: There is a procedure for approving overtime, but it's likely there will be instances where staff are not sure.
  • Rex: The Staff often pull me aside when I visit to ask for executive decisions or help.
  • Michael: I can act as unofficial Board liaison to staff when they need approval for certain operations decisions.

Closing Remarks

Proposed Date for Next Meeting

  • Early February