Directors Meeting - 2015-09-01

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Directors meeting minutes for Monday, September 1st, 2015 at 7:00pm
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  • Rex B
  • Nigel C
  • Michael D
  • Caelin M
  • Chenessa M


  • Nigel C


  • Michael D


  1. Director’s Handbook
  2. Director Roles/Individual Plans
  3. Financial Reports
  4. In Camera Discussion


Director’s Handbook

  • Nigel: Handbook is simply a guideline; only a few of these documents are policy.
  • Michael: Adjusted the handbook recently to account for our changes in consensus policy.
  • Nigel:
    • For new board members, recommends meeting with staff and finding out how you can help.
    • The staff are FG’s executors; directors act as leaders.
  • Michael: Serious commitment: expect to be working at FG at least once a week.
  • Nigel:
    • Should be treated like a part­time job.
    • Our FB posts are handled by a third party at the moment.

Director Roles/Individual Plans

  • Nigel: We need to set out our wants vs. needs/duties as directors.
  • Caelin: I want to increase awareness of FG, contemplating various methods: posters, bus shelter ads, newsletters; need to be in locations appropriate for our demographic.
    • I like the idea of posters and ads: they’re obvious, they draw attention.
    • I also like the possibility of more event/conference participation
  • Nigel: recently, a business kit company has approached us, it should help with PR
  • Chenessa: I want to spend more time with staff (especially Karen) to work on HR documentation, with a focus on standardising the documents, and streamlining the whole process.
  • Rex: I want to back up Nigel's duties whenever possible; work on getting FG open 7 days a week; charitable status, especially vis a vis donation tax receipts; backup staff; be on call for staff.
  • Nigel: I want to get a charitable status, which involves deciding on which mandates we will implement as the foundations for the charitable society; resolve outstanding legal issues.
  • Michael/Chenessa/Rex: Reporting on our education aspect could be tricky, requires some solid wording and delineation.
  • Chenessa: I have experience with the mechanisms of a reporting society from my work.
  • Michael: I want to see FG Society flourish and return to its proper function; work on bylaws; volunteer certificate program; make FG more appealing to women


Who What When
Chenessa Commit: Work with Karen on employee documentation. ASAP
Nigel Commit: Resolve the issue with our credit card service provider. ASAP
Michael Commit: File Society Form 11 (yearly society renewal). Before end of month

Financial Reports

  • Nigel:
    • Retail is up 8k; wholesale is down, but only because it was previously cutting into retail.
    • A marketing research company wants to generate customer feedback for us, analyse competition, and provide marketing data.
    • Slight issue with our credit card service provider, might need to transition to new one.
    • Competition is becoming tricky, given our unique position in the market.

In Camera Discussion

(in camera)

Closing Remarks

Proposed Date for Next Meeting

  • Tuesday, October 6th, 2015