Directors Meeting - 2015-02-26

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Directors meeting minutes for February 26th, 2015 at
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Attendance: Nigel C, Rex B., Kricket C., Chenessa M, and Trevor M via phone call at start of the meeting.
Guest: Mike F

Trevor on speakerphone for his input on agenda items


Approval of the minutes from the last meeting: deferred

Review of last year's year end financials by Nigel
Financials have also been provided via email by Nigel
The points to discuss:
• What we forecast in the budget last year (Forecast)
• What got at the end of the year (Results)
• What we did last year

Recycling scrap value: made exceeding less than the year before (2013) totalling a loss in that category of $15,000. This was the main driver in net loss for 2014 Sales and Recycling Revenue being $18,000

Recycling revenue (recycling scrap value) was low because we did not make shipment before Christmas. When the shipment was made after Christmas, we made $20,000. If we made the shipment before Christmas revenue would have been as projected. This shipment will be counted as revenue for 2015 instead

Projected to make a loss of $17,000 for 2014, made a loss of $39,000

All other spending was under budget. The only other big high spending category was legal fees but falls under Accounts and Services but were still under budget in the category as a whole.

Why did we make a loss similar to last year's? (-$17,000 in 2013 vs. -$19,000 in 2014 [$39,000 - $20,000 shipment])
Working with BizKit from UBC on how to approach budgeting and lowering the probability for a loss in 2015 and produce a financial plan.

Recycling was good, retail sales from the store should have been better
Way below on retail sales from last year, however last few months in sales were great because they were boosted up by Michele
Wholesale is expected to go down year to year moving forward because we are trying to put more items through the store instead

The key question from the financial analysis becomes "How can we make more money?"
• Can Bizkit help us with this by providing ideas?
• Should we open the store on Sundays? (discussions by staff)

Opening the store on Sundays
We have a lot of people who want to volunteer on the weekends and we could generate more revenue by being open on the weekends.

Mike F. to explain what the staff have been discussing about opening Free Geek on Sundays:
Open the store and dismantlement on Sundays because we (the Staff) don't want only 1 staff member in Free Geek, it has to be two so might as well have the store open as well
Rex points out that Michele can't work 7 days a week. Mike F. agrees and brings up the next point that there will have to be a part-time staff member. To start, the part-time person would be working during the week to learn the trade and then work other days (including weekends). Need someone in the store manning cash so that Michele can go sell because that's when sales go up. The staff have also been discussing about potentially trying this out through a pilot project in July and August with the possibility of starting it a little earlier or ending it a little later depending on how things go. This is to be discussed further.

Director's Reports

Had her first meeting with Nancy. Another meeting to follow

Review of laws in BC for non-profits
Next steps: writing the difference between Staff and Directors and getting that approved, more documentation on HR processes, job descriptions, performance management
Mike F. mentioned that Staff have created draft for each job description so far and they also want to bring back 360 review

Rex and Sid have marketing activities to come, both dealing with different things at the moment

Marketing hat - Heather approached Adrian and is interested in helping Free Geek with marketing. Nigel looking into this, possibly have her on a 3 month contract to implement the existing marketing plan. Nigel is also in talks with Max from TED talks about doing a electronics drive for Earth Day

President hat - In talks with BizKit to work on budget, analysis on the cost of moving locations, better ways of earning revenue. Nigel and Adrian went to a talk at UBC about the technological divide in the downtown eastside. One of the ways they want to bridge the gap is by giving people cell phones so that they can let them know which shelters have available beds. We have a lot of phones, could we give the phones to them to use? Would needs more discussion with the staff first about the operational ability to provide the phones. This UBC group wants to work with Free Geek and Nigel would like to work with them as well because they have a mission and values that align with us. Adrian has been in talks with them.

Vancity $10,000 line of credit

Nigel C. proposed a $10,000 line of credit with Vancity to only be used in the case that Free Geek does not have enough money to pay staff members. Vancity is not charging Free Geek for the line of credit. This would only be used in the case of emergency and secured with $10,000 cash on hand already. All Directors in attendance including Trevor agree to the Vancity line of credit

Partnership with NCIX

Nigel brings up that the Directors must also come to a vote at this meeting whether or not to work with NCIX. Free Geek would be promoted on NCIX's website, in their , on their Youtube channel and recycled computers can be picked up by Free Geek. In turn, Free Geek will acknowledge NCIX as one of our sponsors and partner with NCIX on occasion. Not legally binding agreement, it's a gentleman's agreement
All Directors in attendance agree to the partnership with NCIX

Staff letter to Kricket

The subject of the letter from the staff was brought up by Kricket. Points X, Y and Z were discussed. A second meeting with Kricket was setup for the following Saturday to cover all the items more fully.
The following points were discussed:
• This letter is a matter between Kricket and the staff as it was brought to her because of her personal actions. She can discuss it with the directors but the directors can't step in on this matter
• Neither directors or staff can force a director to step down
• Kricket was supposed to attend meetings on 3 separate occasions with the staff and did not attend. Kricket's reason for not attending or replying was that she had things going on in her personal life that has taken precedence which is why she did not respond or send a response until much later
• Keys - Kricket did not hand in her keys and got another set of keys from Karen and borrowed keys from Mac as well. This meant there were two sets of keys unaccounted for in December when Free Geek was going to be closed for two weeks. It was deemed by staff and directors that having the keys unattended for over the break was too much of a risk so all the locks were changed. Kricket did not feel that she had to return her keys because Nigel did not ask her personally to hand in the keys nor did a director. Mike F claims Patrick asked her for her keys
• Video cameras - Kricket monitored video cameras and it was deemed harassment of Adrian and Marcus because she used the cameras to focus on them. Kricket stated her belief that the video records stealing, although no proof of these claims has surfaced at this moment. She was told by Mike F to stop. Kricket stated that Nigel appointed her to watch the cameras and she was doing her job. She stated she was also appointed "security officer"
• Kricket violated the Director's code of conduct - she claimed that Robert was poisoning staff against her (this was in the staff letter) and that he talked about items from Directors meeting (said in the meeting)
• Mike F claims that the amount of time the staff has wasted on issues with Kricket amounts to three development Friday sessions which has a real lost dollar value on that time • Is Kricket's position still tenable if the staff will not work with her?

Matters to be settled at a later date with the emails of these issues on hand:
• Kricket's appointment to the role of security lead
• Kricket never got an email asking for her keys from Nigel nor Patrick

Minutes taken by Chenessa Mok