Directors Meeting - 2015-01-27

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Directors meeting minutes for January 27th, 2015 at
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Attending: Nigel C., Rex B., Trevor M., Jodi M.. Absent: Sid M. , Kricket C.. Quorum declared.
Guests: Robert P., Mike F., Michael G., Michele W., Nancy W., Adrian W., Chenessa M.


Note: The consensus model allows everyone an equal say, a discussion leads to a proposal which is then read by the scribe. A decision by consensus requires that all agree, with any who disagree either recorded as standing aside (abstaining) or blocking. Blocking requires an explanation and a counter proposal. Implied consequence of unresolved blocking is an expectation of leaving.


1. Adoption of agenda by consensus

2. Approval of minutes of previous meeting (distributed) by consensus

3. Financial reports: Nigel reported that as of end of November we are under budget on all expenses except administration which is over 3%.

4. Directors reports: None.

5. Appointment of HR Lead:
Nigel proposed appointment of Chenessa Mok to replace Patrick C. as HR Lead.

MOTION to appoint Chenessa Mok passed.

6. Proposed Security Camera Policy as adopted by members on 9 December 2014:

  1. Two people must be present when unlocking the box and viewing recordings, one director and one staff member;
  2. An incident report must be written and filed with office manager;
  3. A log of all review of recordings is to be kept;
  4. Incident reports and log to be available to staff and directors.

After discussion regarding random surveillance the policy was adopted.

MOTION to adopt policy passed.

7. Proposed Access Key Policy as adopted by members on 9 December 2014:
There are currently 5 site access keys and 6 storage keys.

  1. Spare keys to be held by office manager;
  2. Issuing of keys to be restricted to those with specified need to have access;
  3. Keys to be held by those having regular (daily) need to access site;
  4. Keys issued for short term access to be returned in a timely manner;
  5. Short term access requiring power tools or involving safety issues must have more than one person present;
  6. A full set of keys for emergency access will be issued to one director who will be designated by directors.

MOTION to adopt policy with addition of item 6 passed

Trevor proposed issuing key set to Nigel with understanding that if he expected to be unavailable that he would pass the key set to another director.

MOTION to issue keys to Nigel passed

At 7:55 Kricket entered teleconference.

8. Review of Sponsor Recognition (Affiliation) Policy

The members adopted a policy at the 9 December 2015 General Meeting allowing the names of substantial donors to be posted on the wiki and a letter of thanks be sent to them -- with the understanding that this was not a recognition of sponsorship.

An Extraordinary General Meeting has been called for 12 February 2015 to review the Affiliation Policy with the intent of amending it to allow partnerships with companies who can benefit Free Geek's core mandates. Rex B., assisted by Mike F. will prepare wording of new policy proposal. Kricket objected to staff participating in writing policy.

9. A discussion regarding the rental of a PODS storage system to deal with the overflow in the warehouse lead to a consensus that the costs would far outweigh the benefit.

10. Proposal to reimburse Karen for passport cost was taken off the agenda as Mike F. has paid for her passport.

11. Other business

- Michael G. asked for volunteers to assist at a Collectibles Fair on Saturday, 21 February at the Scottish Cultural Centre (8886 Hudson St.).

- Proposal that Kricket be reimbursed for cost of replacing her steel-toed boots.
Nigel expressed concern that directors should not be making decisions regarding benefits to directors.
Proposed that decision be referred to staff with a recommendation that Kricket be reimbursed.
- Kricket expressed objection to staff making this decision and expressed further concern at staff being present at a directors meeting.

PROPOSAL adopted

- Mike F. gave notice that the staff have formulated business plans which will be distributed to directors and will require board decisions in the near future.

12. Adjournment: 8:40 pm


Note, the society by-laws require decision making at a Directors Meeting to be by simple majority. A tie vote fails; the chairperson does not have a second vote. Resolutions do not require a second, and may be proposed by any director including the chairperson. A resolution in writing, signed by all the directors and placed with the minutes of the directors, is as valid and effective as if regularly passed at a meeting of directors.