Directors Meeting - 2014-06-30

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Directors meeting minutes for June 30th, 2014 at
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Brian, Nigel,Robert, Adam, Mac, Kricket


Sever room:

Brian - if sliding door is not brought to the front door, sever room overheats, and servers start to close down, only two people have keys Adrian and Michael, if it happens again, Brian will change the lock.

Mac - Karen wants key back

Adam can we talk to staff about access have key in lock area

Social Media:

Nigel - talked to someone who works in social media and she is going to volunteer here and rebuild our wiki, Facebook etc used to work at Reboot in Toronto

Nigel - Freegeek mention on Telus comunity TV


in regards to Justin, Justin will be contacted in regards to treasurer, a yes or no answer.

In camera.


Contract up today change to contract - to reflect him helping everyone