Directors Meeting - 2014-05-26

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Directors meeting minutes for May 26th, 2014 at
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Adam, Kricket, Nigel, Robert, Mac, and watching Jefferey


Roberts Proposals


Proposal 1: OEM stickers are to remain on all computer cases and laptops. No stickers can be sold by themselves. All stickers that are to go with a system, the system has to include a motherboard and CPU. No end of life stickers will be preserved. No retail stickers will be preserved.

Passed by consensus


Proposal 2: FG Vancouver allows the build departments to use alternative Operating Systems (O/S) for testing, including non-FOSS if and when practical and can include installing non-FOSS drivers to test.

Passed by consensus

Resale of Gaming Software

Proposal 3: FG Vancouver no longer disposes of games of any platform by recycling them, but sells these in the Free Geek store.

Passed by consensus

Adam: staff job descriptions

Has done staff job descriptions, where do jobs end and begin? Adam will present at next Meeting.

  Adam would like to close Free geek for half a day to go over staff their jobs in a group meeting.   Plus some one on one meetings with staff. 

  Mac asked Adam about people about working here themselves,   Adam will have a

Answer by end of week.

Mac:security Cameras

  Security Cameras  being assessed for setup,  cost about $500

In camera subject

  (Jefferey was asked to leave)

For rest of meeting