Directors Meeting - 2014-04-28

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Directors meeting minutes for April 28th, 2014 at
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Attendance: Mac, Robert, Nigel, Adam, Kricket, Brian (none board).

revenue stream and wages

Nigel - We have been hiring Marcus on contract to cover for buisness for Dave, what is the impact?

Mac to assess.

Open help night

Brian has made a stand for the free help to apply to everyone who comes seeking help, and whilst the board is in agreement it is not in thier scope to make any policy in regards to open help night. this will have to be done by the General at a meeting.

Staff Morale

conclusion we need a overseer position, but no current staff are suitable for this position.

In Camera Brian was asked to leave

Camera's all agreed on a go ahead to install, Mac is heading up the purchass with advice from Brian and Nigel.

In camera request recieved by Mac

John Wientraub's asks to attend Ubuntu party board says no, as staff voted keep him banned