Directors Meeting - 2014-03-27

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Directors meeting minutes for March 27th, 2014 at
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Directors meeting: march 27 2014


Mac, Nigel, Cricket, Micheal, Robert, Justin


Justin asking about his role, got phone all from mac saying he had a role as volunteer coordinate however the board is surprised by this. Justin is angry, Board want to have private discussion in regards to position

Board values his work, and will look into giving him extra work


Nigel - No sales figures from mahoud - we need accountability from all members. In regards to time sheet, sales, warehouse, build.

Nigel - talking to Tim about social media, Nigel will be giving Tim a direct directive on sale over media sales.

Robert: Concerned with Tim’s media work.

Nigel - team-leaders, need for an overseer/manager Nigel consensual agreement is failing within the staff.

Micheal: we cant grow with consensus.

Micheal: sales are way down, wholesaler no accountability.

Micheal: hardware grants sall the machine with setup and install fee included

Nigel is going to ask Tim for new sales strategy

Nigeal - jobs need a tighter proposal

Earth day

Nigel - what should we be doing

Nigel - why don't people recycle their computers? Portland

Nigel leading exhibition -

Consensus to give a budget to the exhibition


Mac - sending letter about ban