Directors Meeting - 2013-11-25

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Directors meeting minutes for November 25th, 2013 at
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Jocelynn, Nigel, Adam, Brian, Mike M., Michael, David, Kricket, Robert


Finance Report given ny Jocelyn

Volunteers Report given by Kricket: setting sign up


Alec & Scott offered to step down off the board, this was excepted by consensus.

Proposal to bring Jocelyn on board as Treasury, this was excepted by consensus.

Nigel by consensus becomes the new Lead facilitator.

Nigel will ask Alec if he in interested in Anti Harassment ombudsman-ship position.

Consensus board can use email to make and decide decisions.

Proposal staff will be compensated at 1.5 per every hour, over 8 per day or beyond over 40 hour week, consistent with employer standard act. Passed by consensus. Nigel and Karen working on staff oversight amount.