Directors Meeting - 2013-10-28

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Directors meeting minutes for October 28th, 2013 at
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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date: Monday, October 28th, 2013

Attendance: Alec S, Nigel C, Mike M, Brian M, Kricket, Karen, Tim, Robert P


Internal IT resources
Closed source software
Director category: volunteer recruitment and management
Signing authority for directors
Justin's request to resign
Credit card for staff
Non-profit/charity status
Marcus' contract expiry
Staff roles and overlap
Staff handbook
Future of consensus at FG


Marketing (Nigel)
5 volunteers for presentation at Britannia re: recycling; well organized but low attendance. Important to be there nonetheless. Some networking ie business improvement association.
Went to Guilford on 17th (Brian & Mac); outreach/awareness for drop point/germinal satellite w/VanLUG and Ubuntu Vancouver. Will start up on more format basis in January. Availability of volunteers secured once a month.
Anti-Harassment Lead (Alec)
Attending staff meetings; it's useful
Went over anti-harassment/bullying policy with staff; will follow up with Dave and Adrian; need to put on policy page and clarify two policies.
Server move: November 10th will get started. Construction in place.
Recycling Lead (Mac)
Dave still off; going to know tomorrow how much longer. Mike F and Marcus are filling in. Laptops will become a problem; supplies low and no supervision downstairs. Mac will come in occasionally (twice a week?) to cover Dave while Mike works ::Nigel came by with coffee & donuts; volunteer appreciation.
Last shipment of motherboards was a tad low. May not have another shipment before end of year. (Maybe well into January.)


Deferred decision on forklift pending a new treasurer and Dave's return.
We have a source for cheap racking but we'd need to buy it ASAP.
Kricket will see if she has a better source in the next 48 hours. Otherwise Mac can go ahead.

Internal IT resources

Allow attachments on the board list?
Alec can ask Tyler what's involved for fg-directors – e.g. attachments in archive?

Closed source software

In FG Portland, they're reselling Macs with MacOS on them. Maverick is now free.
Need to reconcile with their principles.
Do we have objections? What are they? What practical concerns?
Mike M has Mac Powerbook. Linux works fine, but has to restart several times. Some problems.
Tim: Costs Adrian lots of time.
We don't sell very many; working Mac machines received <5 per month (guesstimate, as they aren't separately tracked)
Not clear it's worth changing policy – borderline. Constraint is good, working donations.
Many of the donations are PowerPC and won't run modern MacOS. No interest in doing more than scrapping those.
Principles in membership are likely to be strong on the subject; suggest picking specific proposals to discuss
Proposal would have to be run by the membership.
COMMIT:Alec will contact Portland for clarity on FOSS principle.

Director category: volunteer recruitment and management

Reviewed Kricket's resume
Staff supports her addition to the board
Nigel identifies high volunteer churn as a problem. Social events, incentives.
COMMIT: Alec will contact Tyler to get her onto the mailing lists.
Mike nominates Kricket. Everyone is happy.

Signing authority for directors

GST: Needs to be done by Thursday. :COMMIT: Tim can sign and take care of contacting Justin re: other signature.
Propose adding Nigel to signatories, and giving Robert the safe combo. Karen will give Robert the safe combo, and Nigel knows how to get onto signatories.

Justin's request to resign

Justin is interim treasurer while we replace him
Nigel is scaring up candidates
COMMIT: Alec will contact Scott and Mahmoud to see if they have candidates.

Credit card for staff

Karen is willing to sign for it.
COMMIT: Karen will contact Justin to see if he has an update on the paperwork.

Non-profit /charity status?

Justin was working on the prep case.
Alishams might be a good potential to take it over?
COMMIT:Alec will inquire of Scott what John Wh did for us.
COMMIT:Brian M will contact Ali to see how he feels about it.


Robert met with Chris and got access to data.
Need membership to be an attractive proposition. AGMs/EGMs not enough.
Consider unifying membership requirements with discount requirements?
Need to resolve paperwork problems before numbers will be reliable.
COMMIT: Nigel will talk with Michael DuBelko about solving technology problem.
Fg-general: Keep it open.

Marcus' contract has expired

Dave will let us know tomorrow. It will be at least 2 weeks; suggest doing a month. :COMMIT: Karen will draw up the new contract after Mike contacts her. Uncertainty if he'll be in tomorrow.

Staff roles & overlap

Deferred until Adam is present.

Staff handbook

Deferred pending Adam's attendance

What about the future of consensus at FG?

Portland got rid of non-hierarchical structure. What about principles?
Maybe the problem is strategic thinking. Maybe strike a beer-oriented committee? Informal?
Invite Wayne? :COMMIT: Alec can do.
Call it Board priorities.


Supposed to talk about this in January per the AGM.
Don't know who's on the committee.
Interested people: Mac, Brian M, Tim, Kricket; input from Dave.
Handicap access? $7k odd cost to remedy the existing building.

Next Board of Directors Meeting

Date: Monday, September 30th, 2013